matter of opinion | Reviewer: Brick | 7/24/12

ok, so yes the lyrics are grusome, but hey, you have no room to complain, your living a sheltered and benumbed lifestyle, metalheads like us are everywhere, just look at jim carey, hes a metalhead, hes the one who had cannibal corpse play in his movie. if youve wound up on here, your pathetic to try to dissuade us from this music. yes your entitled to your own opinion, but seariously, if you dont like it go away, theres a reason we like it, and ovbiously you dont see it. with the utmost respect

Lol .."as I trip" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/12

The lyrics are accurate for the most part, but I'm pretty sure at the end it's "as I rip" not "as I trip". Lol, that made be laugh. The songs so serious then out of nowhere I just had the image of the killer tripping.

And to all the complainers just please shut up. If you don't like it or understand it then why act like a child and try to insult those of us who do. You're the ones that seem like the "demented adults" here.

RANCID AMPUTATION | Reviewer: Black Scorpion | 4/16/12

"Rancid Amputation" demonstrates us the the real brutal death metal power. The whole album "Butchered At Birth" does. So, what about the music? It's really fast and rough, it hits your hearing! This mad drumming is pretty good too. The vocals are great. I learned to growl by following these vocals. Chris sounds like a beast! What's next? Oh yeah, these notorious lyrics! Most of people here get scared of them and cry like a little baby after reading them. I don't really understand how they can scare someone. I know it's pretty sick, but it's not what any of the band's members would do! It's written for entertainment! So, stop calling Cannibal Corpse crazy psychos or something and better look at yourself - you are so disgusted of this kind of lyrics, right? But anyway, you GO AND WATCH THEM!!! Tell me: are you completely retarded? I hate some of rappers and pop music, but I don't go to their fan's forums or sites like this one to offend them and call them cheap stupid talantless bitches!!!
Before posting a comment about how CC is sick, talantless or perverse, do these things:
- growl like Chris Barnes or George Fisher
- play bass like Alex Webster or other CC's guitarists...
- drum like Paul Mazurkiewicz
So, I just was too annoyed by all of you, stupid cunts! You made me write this! Fuck you! Cannibal Corpse rules, and you suck!

Re:Pure and simple Trash | Reviewer: DavidVonJ | 1/28/12

Its people like you who make the world a difficult place. For your information, most of the band is married, have children, and live a great life. Its just a music choice.

As for the "no talent" I hope to assure you that this music requires more talent then the autotuned garbage out there like Lady Gaga, or Justin Beiber. I think you should try for just one second to do a proper death metal growl without ripping your vocal chords; try to play the 'simple' Hammer Smashed Face bass solo.

Now just go do you MADD or SOPA things you over protective mothers do.s

Haters gonna hate | Reviewer: Warpig | 1/17/12

To the woman below me: Your son is probabbly fed up with you, that's why he listens to this!
CC is a great band... people who thinks the lyrics suck can go fuck themselves,, Life is not cheery, and while listenning to Metal, we usually hear it all and we don't ignore any sound, or concentrate only at the vocals ( this is so as our cortex which deals with sound wave is not easily stimulated by a bunch of pathetic sound wave, we need a lot more of sound waves), well, a penis which is not easily stimulated is better than one which ejaculates prematurely.. lol...
To fellow metalheads, keep moshing!! \mm/

=THE BEST SONG OFF "BUTCHERED AT BIRTH= | Reviewer: Vilen | 11/8/11

You know, this song is the best! You can say "Butchered At Birth" is the best , but this one is better.. Look at those crushing drums, monstrous vocals of Chris' and all this sick music! Shit! Especially like the end... "Rape the limbless cadaver"... Fucking SICK!!!

pure and simple trash | Reviewer: disgusted | 11/8/11

I just recently found my son. 16 years old. Turns out he likes this shit and I'm extremely disappointed. For you kids out there comparing this crap to "camp fire stories" and "horror movies" and as "entertainment", clearly you have no idea how to defend it because your excuses are pathetic.

There is enough bullshit in this world which is real and if you really get off on cannibalistic lyrics as entertainment, then you're only one more cancerous tumor in society which needs to get chopped out. I can't tell my son what I think of this waste of oxygen called a band, because I'm establishing a relationship. But, I can tell you. It's trash and has about as much musical talent as a baby being beat with a cat.

How quickly you kids would change your tune about your musical idols once you saw them piss their pants when confronted with REAL world issues. Let them hang out with Jeffery Dahmer if he wasn't dead, and see if they think that shit is funny. They would be crying for their mommies once they realized the impact of what they sing about first hand.

Sure, free speech is one thing and I advocate it wholeheartedly. However, freedom of choice not to listen to it should prevail.

One more thing. You kids do realize that only teenagers and demented adults (if they haven't grown out of it) listen to this shit. My point is, your all being played! This band is making money off only you. You are being manipulated to make someone else money because they know kids are impressionable, gullible and are angry and confused in life. Truth be told, NONE of this music as any place in an adult society which you will eventually be a part of. You are being used and are allowing yourselves to become exploited. Same goes for Justin Beiber fans and the big recording companies. They know how to target kids and you are the target. Wake up! This is not music and only contributes to unhealthy thinking.

classic | Reviewer: Hen | 8/26/11

haha, classic! Thing is, you can't really understand what he's saying when they play anyway... I'm pretty sure this is all a cover up and they're singing "I LOVE FLOWERS, GIVE THEM TO MY GIRL, FLOWER POWER, MAKES HER HAIR CURL".

Cry some more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/11

It's pretty funny listening to people cry and whine about how this song and band is for killers and "freaks".. yet you're at this page. You either have a huge ego for yourself, or you think people care about your opinion.

Horrible | Reviewer: Jake | 3/4/11

I appreciate music and its diversities but this is not music, these guys are horrible and are probably Satanists. If you listen to this and it calms you then you are more than likely in prison or are getting beat up on a regular basis at school for being a complete weirdo fuck or will be killed by the police in some sort of random act of violence on society for 'suppressing you' like those Columbine pussies…

gruesome and awesome | Reviewer: Izzle | 8/2/10

omg this song just makes me wanna go out and rape an amputee. lol just kidding i love songs that are disgusting and offensive thats what metal is all about. if you can't handle it go listen to your jesus music and ram a cross up your ass. :) thank you have a nice day I love you.

get real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/10

ALL of CC's lyrics are about the same stuff: incredibly gruesome, graphic descriptions of dismemberment, raping dead bodies, eating faeces, etc, etc, ad nauseam. They can say it's all tongue in cheek as much as they want, but if you write reams of this sort of stuff for years, don't try to tell me there isn't something weird going on in your head.

well... | Reviewer: alexthechamp25 | 6/8/10

now i am against these lyrics, in a canibal corpse interview they said "its just an interesting topic to write about, there just like little horror movies and we enjoy horror movies, we would never actually do any of these things."

@ OMG | Reviewer: Rubberduck | 5/31/10

Look mate. Cannibal Corpse plays good music and it's cool. So go swallow your own pus, rip off your own arm and put your head into a toilet for whining about their lyrics. Who fucking cares about their lyrics!? It's the about the music, not the lyrics.

So go listen to Rihanna with her umberella for my sake, like her lyrics are interesting!?

Who writes this shit | Reviewer: OMG | 2/11/10

I really have a love for true artists but this is not art they talk about earting people, cutting them up and shit dosent that sort of scare you wether or not their joking it is craxy and if you do consider it art then how long have they sat their writing this song about eating people its replusive. "Art is a bottle wrapped in unuseful things someone needs" It dosent make sense all the time and if this was one of those cases where they wrote one song then great but writing four or five songs about eating people thats just sick and no matter how much you love death metal,strobes and screaming it dosen't account fot saying having eating people deteciated to a whole damn ablum WTF is wrong with them they are sick.