Reviews for Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee Lyrics

Performed by Canibus

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Last day in work | Reviewer: The Redundant One | 5/7/12

I loved this song in office space, and as some one who has just been made redundant after 19+ years in the same job I plan to play this song VERY loudly on my last day in the office

I think it will sum up the feelings of everyone in the same kinda place

Pops likes Cannabis and Canibus | Reviewer: Rev Pops | 12/9/09

Ok her egoes;
I'm an old white guy age 53. I play and sing music; 40+ years. THis kid is good. Doe she read the lines impromtu or does he write them ahead of time?
I have over 100 copyrights, lived and played all over USA> now I want to try rapping; can anyone help me learn? Pops

Lovers fly, haters die.

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