Amazing | Reviewer: Raw Meat | 3/31/06

Canibus has been around for a long time. I think it's so amazing how someone can write like that. Eminem was dissing on him, and each time, Canibus KILLED Eminem. In a freestyle, there would be no comparison between Eminem and Canibus. Look at this song for instance, some words in this song I've never even heard of. Eminem only has a limited vocabulary. Take a look at "Toy Soldiers" or "When I'm Gone". I knew every single word in those songs, but as for this song, that's not the case. I had to look up over 15 words to get the meaning so I could understand exactly what he was saying.

Bottom line: Pure Genius

The Best ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/05

Im From Germany so i understand only Parts of his Lyrics. The Beat iss from the Film Avalon, that Film impressed me too. Canibus iss definite the Best Rap Artist of our Time!

Poet Laureate II by Canibus | Reviewer: Kevin Griffith | 10/5/05

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I was just looking over the lyrics and writing down words that I didnt know and had to look up and the list got pretty long. I actually was looking up some of the philosophers and authors that he also mentioned in this song. it really helps to know about these people to understand where he comes from to get the meaning of all of the metaphors he is talking about.

One of the most brilliant hip hop songs ever written. | Reviewer: Srivatsan | 8/23/05

What else can i say? Canibus is a genius. You owe it to urself to listen to this song. One of the greatest achievements in hip hop in terms of metaphors, and historical references. Bis' flow is unmatched, and it is exceptional how he adapts to the change in beats. It has to be heard to be believed. There are times in the song when his flow is hard to follow (it's a little too fast) but if you read the lyrics as u listen, you will be fine.

5/5 stars (even more if i could!) - I'm speechless