LOVE for M-Bone <3 | Reviewer: ajalyn zawadi | 1/3/13

i respect cali swag district 100% . it was sad to see MBONE go and that just broke my heart . and when i watched that funeral ans seen when CSD went up there to speak for the funeral i was like wow their life aint gone be the same without MBONE . WE LOVE YOU MBONE . KEEP THE DOUGIE STRONG UP THERE . i hope the rest of cali swag district hold it down for us and keep doin what they do best . LOVE YALL <3 ....

I Love You M-Bone | Reviewer: Rachel Loves M-bone | 10/31/11

i think cali swag is the best. You Guys work hard to dougie, and make new songs and dances. I Also think that whoever killed My Boy M-Bone should be Sentinced to The Death Menalty, Because The person who killed him just Destroyed My Boyz Cali Swag LOVE YOU GUYS!!! KEEP DOUGIEIN IT UP <3 Rachel