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So much GOOOD. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/13

I have been listening to Cake for approximately 3 months, yet it feels like forever. Cake is not a band, or a group of people at all, or an artist. It is a fluid entity, like Rorschach of Watchmen. The same body, but eternally changing faces. I cannot claim to have heard all of their songs, but I can claim to love them unconditionally, like a dog to its master. Cake is coated with a thin layer of sarcasm, and this was the original hook for me. The first song I heard officially was the first song of their first album. Set the tone of my entire obsession:

"You need to straighten your posture, and suck in your gut.
You need to pull back your shoulders, and tighten your butt.
Come Comanche, Comanche, Comanche, come out,
If you want to have cities, you've got to build roads."

Maybe I'm still a child and butt is still undeniably a funny word. But maybe John McRea is still a child and I am still a child and butt is still undeniably a funny word. Regardless, if you tell me Cake is not humorous, and I will laugh in your face. But if you tell me they are not a serious band, I will laugh in your face again. The lyrics... Oh, the lyrics... So unlike anything I have ever heard in my life. The Distance is a masterpiece of sound. And World of Two, so similar to something I have heard, yet tweaked. A few words of the general formula altered, to create an entirely new meaning.

Oh, and about that Rorschach thing... I was talking about the various voices he takes on. All of the songs are sung by the same PERSON, but not by the same PERSONA. Comfort Eagle and Jesus Wrote a Blank Check are both John, but they are entirely different in character. It's quite amazing the way he can change face like that.

...Cake is deserving of an essay... I don't have that kind of time.

its all about the layers | Reviewer: ryan | 11/5/07

cake-its all in the layers. This band complementarily builds one instrument on top of another in such a way as to obliterate genre and satisfy the taste of any right-minded individual who respects,likes,understands music. they are one of the most important bands on the planet right now and have been for at least ten years. indeed, i must declare cake is my favorite band. they never fail to turn me on (not sexually!) and they know how to ,polemicise,engage,provoke, rap, riff,rock, swoon, serenade,dance,groove,bounce,
jam, ,harmonise and if youve read this far your thinking....SHUT THE FUCK....UP!

Cake! | Reviewer: Gemma | 8/6/06

cake are a great band ! the frontman has such a sexy voice and the first time i actually heard them was in the movie " me myself and irene" with the song "hem of your garment" which i love , its one of my all time favourite songs i really like "perhaps perhaps perhaps" too. (im a girl, just to confirm , everyone always thinks im a boy )


cakealicious | Reviewer: chuck the girl | 3/1/06

I have been an obsessive fan for the last eight long years. it is time that the rest of the world followed me and gave their brains over to Cake control. also time that i actually bought some tickets and went to see them live!

cake rocks! | Reviewer: cakelover | 10/8/04

cake is the greatest band ever! i love their song "no phone"

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