amazing songg | Reviewer: meg | 2/21/2008

i remember first hearing of butch walker in like 2003 at the avril lavigne concert and meeting him...he was amazing live! ever since then ive been a fan.. and this song is probably my favorite one of his!

Found them on myspace | Reviewer: azimuth457 | 10/27/2007

This is a great band I found a couple years ago on myspace.
They used to have a normal layout on it, with just the white and blue, and less crazy songs
but luckily, I enjoy all of him and his band's music.
they even go as far as making bluegrass-y stuff! haha

punkreally hott chik | Reviewer: Not sayin nothing more than a punk | 8/17/2007

I really think that song is awesome Im not big of fan of butch walker but I like avril an' i thought the song was about guys only wants to have fun with beth(the girl i think avril wa splayin)they've never really taken her seriously and never thought of makin her a serious me...ive never been taken seriously in my entire life

=] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/2007

It's quite blatantly about a girl called Beth who is hooked on methamphetamine aka. Ecstasy. The whole song is about what she does and what people think of her.

About? | Reviewer: Cant say | 3/3/2007

I think it's bout these poeple that hurt beth !

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/2007

butch walker is amazing. all of his stuff is good. i met avril, and i hated her. but butch walker will always get my vote. &i think avril's great in the vid. &hopefully she's grown up since my encounter with her almost 5 yrs. ago. mix tape still gets my vote as the most amazing butch walker song though. yay.

Pretty good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/2007

Bethamphetamine is a portmanteau of Beth, short for Elizabeth, and Methamphetamine. So it follows that the song is about a girl named Beth and a whole bunch of drugs.

Pretty Pretty is the song that could put Butch Walker back on the Map | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/2006

This song and video are awesome. I just wish it would get some radio play, as well as video play on MuchMusic. Cindy

Lavigne Acts Walker | Reviewer: J. M. Gadrinab | 7/13/2006

I watched the video at The sound is pretty good. The video is awesome. The song really rocks the world of Walker's fans.

Avril is so beautiful in the video. Well, as a good friend, Avril acts for Walker.

I'm just wondering what Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty)is all about? But i have my own interpretation to the song. If im not mistaken, Bethamphetamine is the name of a girl that is described in the song.

I'm just hoping that it will be played and aired in the Philippines.