And i am You & what i see is Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/12

I'm with everyone yet not.

He misses the completeness of childhood, the effortless innocence & simplicity where all was One & One was All & he's trying to get back there. Wanted to be himself but was told to be someone else, the perfect nobody (which he already was until they forced identity on him). With identity comes separation, with everyone yet not. This is agony, full of useless stuff. The cup runneth over so its time for drugs, time for sex, time for pain killers of every type

i miss the One i love alot

swallowed | Reviewer: danny | 3/5/10

"Warm sun feed me up
And I'm leery loaded up
Loathing for a change
And I slip some boil away"

this part is obviosley about shooting up...what drug is being used is a hard to figure out but if i had to guess i would say pills b/c he says "slip some BOIL AWAY" the boil away part is probably turning them to liquid so they can be shot up. plus the end says gotta get away from here which reminds me of addiction. but those first words seem to introduce the whole song.

Love & Drugs | Reviewer: Derek | 1/2/10

Bush is one of the most talented bands in history...Gavin really loved this girl and loved her enough to set her free. Now he's facing the consequences...'im with everyone and yet not' so he's using drugs to hide away the pain.

Intense. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/09

This song song starts of being vague and complex, using metaphors etc.
The song is so intense and powerful, especially at the end where complete honesty comes through.

It explains the whole song and everything the writer feels in a few soft sounding, hard hitting words.
"Gotta get away from here- Miss the one that i love A lot"

Heart felt love, confusion,and self denial in the name of that love. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/07

Heart break in 2 words. Renderd into a poetic song of soul felt homage to the relationships that never lasted a lifetime, but taught deep life lessons, & deep perspective of the human condition. Love, & thanks to the band. Rock On, & Roll with this heavy flow called life. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. *Starry*

??? | Reviewer: michael y. | 8/22/07

i really like this song, not the best from bush but a good one...but i don't get it..i have a feeling it's about drugs..

I love it. | Reviewer: J.T. Bryant | 6/28/07

Bush is one of my favorite bands, and this is one of the first songs I've ever heard by them. Great job on the lyrics, I didn't see anything wrong.