Reviews for Tears Don't Fall Lyrics

Performed by Bullet For My Valentine

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tears dont fall........... | Reviewer: manson | 9/27/07

this song is about as good as a chocolate tea pot.
it sounds like busted trying to play turisas, seriously its not even that great.
its sonly about an emo going of and playing his self-violin [his wrist].
my days, this is boring me.

please feel free to email me what you think, i strongly recommend that you never listen to one of their shite albums.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/07

the first time i heard this song, i fell in love with it. and the band. all their songs are awesome. they freaking ROCK!

Bullet for the fuckin' win!! | Reviewer: Aaron | 9/18/07

First time I heard this song was like 3 weeks ago and I just fell in love with it as well as the band. This song would be as kick ass as it is without the fucking awesome screaming and guitar =D Bullet for the win!!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

this song is soo amazing my friend put it on his ipod and i heard like 1 min of it and thought it was soooo amazing i dont know any of their other songs but this ones mad amazing!!! =] =)

Great song | Reviewer: Nick | 9/12/07

Excellent song. One of the few 'metalcore' songs I adore. Meaningful lyrics and great guitar work =]

BFMV Owns. | Reviewer: Dennis | 9/12/07

I love this song, definitely one of the greatest they've made, and the guitar solo toward the end, just makes this song one I'll listen to well into the future.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Jocelynn | 9/10/07

I love this song, & boy! is the lead singer hot. He's goregous & has an amazing voice.

Keep on keeping on.

Bullet rocks the fuck on! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

Bullet for my valentine is to fuckin awsome:) i love this band sooo much!and the song tears do nt fall:D

Tears Dont Fall | Reviewer: jordan | 9/6/07

i lvoe this song. it has alot of meanin to it if you just listen to the words and think bout it. i love Bullet For My Valentines music so keep rockin.

THE BEST SONG EVER!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

i absolutly love this song!!!!!!!!!!
the 1st time i heard it i was like omg this is the best song ever

tears dont fall | Reviewer: paige | 8/29/07

this song is absolutely amazing! its music in every way and the lyrics are awesome! i love it completely!!!!!!!!!!

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

Wow i just love the way he screams and sounds so good and the guitar sounds badass. i like how he says "" instead of "better" in the chorus sounds cool when he's screaming.

amazing! | Reviewer: Ev | 8/22/07

I love this song^^ the performance, the lyrics, the emotions, the loudness hehe
simply the best!

Shout out | Reviewer: Jesse | 8/20/07

This is a great song its just amazing, it has helped me threw a lot of shit in the last few months i sang this song when i was in the pen for 6 hours they have it on tap too, it kepted me going when times where shit and i listen to it all the time at parties and shit its a huge hit around here, and i just wanna thank Bullet For My Valentine for makin such a stong meaningfull song

LOVE THIS BAND! YO! | Reviewer: Bec! | 8/19/07

im staight up gangsta ;) kidding! love this band!! the songs are always awsome to start yelling with!! aaahhh i love my life! thanks to this band! they are loud! and proud! =D

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