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how they are so awsome! | Reviewer: -marie- | 6/1/10

well lets just say they are awsome cuz the way they sing hell yea they sign asome well im one of their #1 fan and theyr songs are just so powerful they pull you rightin and its catchy so thats why they are freking awsome and man they can play the drumer is just like wow ;and man their guitars are amazing :) well thats all;ily
xoxo -marie-

BFMV kicks ass..... Rock on forever !! | Reviewer: Tevin | 5/17/10

Yo I love every song you guys made. My favorite is Hit the Floor. First song I heard was All these things I hate and I loved it. Going to the concert on May 21 at the Pageant. Heck yes my first concert and its gonna ROCK and im goin with a girl.

bfmv fan for life | Reviewer: shawney | 3/20/10

i love u guys i love all ur songs the song that i love the most is all these things i hate revolve around me that is my cusions, my bros , and i's song we listen to it every time we feel like dying or mad or angery.. i also love waking the demon its a kick ass song i love where the guy turns into a werewolf but i have to ask do that grl and him like each other bcuz in the end she looks at him and her eyes change but like idk its a question thats haunting me my family and friends i lso like treats dnt fall that was the second song i heard by u and all these things i hate revolve around me was the frist i also love hearts burst into fire and scream aim fire hell all of ur songs are like fucking awesome i wuld kill to go to one of ur concerts nad like jst be there front row singing ur songs that wuld be awesome nad i wuld love to meet u guys 2 bcuz u guys a kick ass band i love u guys froever dont ever wuit being a band

Bfmv rocks! | Reviewer: Lou | 1/28/10

I seen these guys at Mayhem Festival last year. They came with Manson, Slayer, Killswitch, and a bunch of other bands played on the side stages. But i came to see Bullet. And i cant wait for you guys to come to the East coast(Philly or Jersey will do) I wanna see a whole show where you guys headline!! Keep rockin. And i love Hand of Blood, Deliver Us from Evil, 4 Words to choke upon, Cries In Vain, and The End. Hell, all of "Bullet's" songs rock!!

Amazing <3 | Reviewer: Damien Young | 1/14/10

What else can you ask for ... a local kick ass band :]
you guys are totally awsome,i love all your songs but my Favorite would be either Hearts Burst Into Fire or Deliver Us From Evil :)
Infact Hearts Burst Into Fire is mine and my girl friends song :)
Keep rocking :P

woww(: | Reviewer: period.remainder | 1/13/10

i just realllly looked at your lyrics for the first time to a couple of your songs,and they are AMAZING, i seriously L0VE you guys, your amazinnggg, my favorite is the end<333333333333 just great,annnnnnd say goodbye acoustic,(: keeep going, your the greatesttt !

Great music | Reviewer: Adrian | 11/19/09

you guys are the best of the best, can't name a better band, you guys inspired me to pick up a guitar and play, you guys inspired me to wirte music and make it meaningful, you guys made half my life, you guys made me who i am and i am so glad you guys had been form. i hope some day to start a band with the people that love you too( my friends and cousins) and wish of my life is to open up a concert to you guys, Deliver us from evil is my fav. song from you guys, ROCK ON!!

U guys make my day! | Reviewer: Breana | 4/10/09

Bfmv is my life! The lyrics r amazing! And there is absolutley nutin bad 2 say bov them! And matt is the hottest guy who has and will ever live! Keep rokin! Plus i love u more than iron maiden any ways!

OMFG! | Reviewer: Bullet | 3/27/09

i know i prbly sound like an obssed fan just like everyone else who commented on this...buyt like i just love em there music relates to so many people the same the messages and the guitar solos,vocals,drums everything just awsome there so going down in like history like metallica,iron maiden, rolling stones like these guys seriously rule i love em!so glad my bf showed me their songs!
bfmv rocks hardcore!!!

cries in vain! | Reviewer: kimberly | 3/20/09

bfmv is the best band ever! i thank my cousin for ever making me listen to them..eah, i said MAKE me listen to them. and then bam, now here i am, one of the ultimate bfmv fans. i cant wait to go see them rock st louis! i love you guys. and OMG, you are soo hot. i love your lyrics and everything about your music..

wow wow wow!! | Reviewer: katie | 6/30/08

Okay all i can say about this band is WOW. Haha when i first was introduced to their music i was just like, huh these guys are pretty good but wow now i'm totally hooked. their music is music you can relate to. it's not crappy music where you dont see the point. with BFMV music you can see the point and its great. I have to say that Matt Tuck is the HOTTEST guy in Rock! I'm totally pumped for when they come to Montana! It's gonna be insane and yeah montana might be a "Rancher and cowboy type of place", there are quit a bit of rock heads. Haha Trust me when they come to Montana, ill be in the crowd totally pumped, screaming along with Matt Tuck. Keep on rocking cuz you guys are the best!!!!!!!!:D

Bullet For My Valentine | Reviewer: BFMV 4 Life | 6/27/08

Dude u guys rock!!!! I have all ur songs and of course the albums as well.When I get a little older im goin to get a tat.Of the name of yalls band =). I listen to all ur songs every day..And when yall r at PLanet Fest trust me ill be there I always am..Keep rockin guys

<3 BFMV | Reviewer: Manny | 5/31/08

OMG i love this band so much it ain't funny anymore! I can't go a day without listening to at least 2 of their songs. My family's convinced i need help =]
My faves have to be curses, hit the floor & My fist, your mouth, her scars (even though i still don't get it?!)
Anyways, Matt Tuck is the hottest guy in rock n i can't wait to see them at download this year!! =D

you gotta luv this shhhiiiiiit! | Reviewer: haleyw | 4/9/08

seriously--this band is awesome! i was pretty much in luv with these guys since "the poison" came out and they havent disappointed me yet, unlike many other rock/metal bands that have. just saw them @ san antonio @ taste of chaos and they seriously rocked the place. and yea-matt tuck is one sex-ay beast :] keep rockin' guys!!

Dude... | Reviewer: Philly | 4/1/08

You guys are so good its retarded. I love everything about your music, new and old. My girlfriend and I love you and our song is Forever And Always. Lyrically you guys are awesome. Some of the songs I'll be listening to will just have meaningless words but then i turn on some BFMV and its just insane. You guys sound like all the songs i write in my head because im not talented enough to make a band or music. Sorry im fanning out bad but time your in the boston area ill be there.

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