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BFMV rocks | Reviewer: Dani | 1/15/08

OMG! I love them so much. Their music has influenced me so much. Them and A7X both. I can just listen to their music and understand what they're talking about. I got my dad into them and now he would be totally up to seeing them in concert (he's more into the older stuff, Van Halen, Skid Row...) but I love BFMV. Thank you to my best friend, Sammy, she got me hooked on BFMV and A7X. God, but I thought this was a nice little quote, “There was the four of us stuffed in the back of arider,” laughs Tuck. “We didn't mind though, we're completely committed to this, even if that did mean knowing each other a little better than we should.” I know what that's like. Being stuffed in the back of a car and driving around like that. It sucks but eventually you get used to it! Sorry. Random. Anways, I love BFMV and Matt Tuck. You guys should totally play in Hershey, PA sometime. Me and my friends would all be there--front row, man! That would rock so much! I'd be screaming along too! Wait. I keep going on. Okay, I'm done!

sufficating under words of sorrow | Reviewer: Jennifer Weed | 11/12/07

This band is very clever. They are brilliant when they move my soul. Rock on.

sufficating under words of sorrow | Reviewer: Jenn | 11/12/07

This band is very clever. They are brilliant when they move my soul. Rock on.

Something you should do!!! | Reviewer: Alicia | 10/6/07

hey bfmv you should come and play live in jackson michigan you have so many fans here that love you!!!!!

i just thought you should know that!!

Bullet for my valentine rocks!!!! | Reviewer: Alicia | 10/6/07

You guys rock!!! i love listening to your music i have to listen to it every day!!!

my favorite songs would have to be four words,all these things i hate(revolve around me),and then tears dont fall,
i love the rest of them too but i love them the most

i also think matt tuck is so hot!!! he really really is

Bullet for my valentine | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 9/29/07

I love your music! You singing is amazing!!! I've never really liked any screamo before, but it sounds awesome in all your songs when you switch back and forth. My favorite has to be "Tears don't fall" or "All these things I hate (Revolve around me)".


Bullet for my valentine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

you guys are awesome i hate all the big shots these days that don't know the meaning of guitar. your my favorite band.

BFMV | Reviewer: Amber | 9/5/07

Dude,I love you guys.
I saw you guys at Earthday Birthday 07'.
You guys fucking rocked.
I couldnt go a day with out listening to your misic.
I love the song "Curses" and "Cries In Vain",there my FAVORITE!
Im going to see you guys again,with my boyfriend.
Bullet for my valentine is favorit band to.
Later <3

Kickass Band! | Reviewer: Matt G | 8/29/07

Bullet For My Valentine is one kickass band! Keep on Rockin our faces off!! I want my face to literally melt off!!

Bullet for my valentine | Reviewer: me | 7/27/07

You rock guy's....when the bant slipknot had gone out of all this i hear bullet for my valentine all the time and i can say that you are very nice bant keep on do it that :))

BFMV ROCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! | Reviewer: Chester | 7/7/07

they simply rocks matt isthe best,am a singer in mauritius n got my band which name kunckleduster i just wannasay again bullet yu rocks guysssss!!!

BFMV and RE: FUCKING AWSOME BAND!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

BFMV have wrote some awesome stuff, and I particularly like 4 words and Tears don't fall. Such a shame they wont be playing at Wembley with Metallica on June 8th! But.. as for the comment containing

"As for the drummer,FUUUUUUUUUUUck bruv I reckon joey from slipknot should start sweating BULLETS!!!"

The author clearly knows nothing about drums. The drummer is pretty good, but in terms of technical skill, he'll NEVER be in Joey Jordison's league.

:] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

i love love love this band.
it`s my favorite band ever.

i fuckin love these guys! | Reviewer: samantha | 6/18/07

finally! a fuckin good thrashy metal band ya can hoon around in your car to and still scream along and actually know what ya singin! not that i have anything against bands like cradle of filth or lamb of god cuz i love them to but this is a bit easier to listen to! and theyre welsh too so that means when theyre not singing they have fuckin sexy accents! xxx fuckin rock on guys and cum to the land down under! you'll like what ya find :)

BuLLet FoR My ValenTinE! | Reviewer: Kat | 5/24/07

YOU GUYS ARE FANTASMIC! ur music is great.... vocals: pretty much amazing... from singing to screamo, its all amazing! the band is totally a great compliment for the band! your amazing! Peace

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