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Performed by Bullet For My Valentine

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Perfect Breakup song. | Reviewer: a7xrubberbaby | 12/22/12

I can totally relate to this song right now. This girl did a number on him and this is the first time he has experienced this kind of pain and thought it would never happen to him. To me he is playing out a scene in his head and in the middle of it hes like "man I didn't think this would happen to me, I want her back" or something like that and then at the end of the song he is done playing out said scene in his head and is saying "I am not going to go though with this. It is just a thought" I don't know. Everyone has a different view of it.

Em your wrong | Reviewer: Antione | 10/16/10

Well not entirely the song is about how a guy feels toward a girl then when hes ready for the next move he stalks her not physically but in his mind that's all he sees. When you get to the first chorus you can see that hes asking why is it that he gives her some much more and she takes it with out giving the equal value. When you make it to the second verse he speaks of touching her. This is possibly where people misconstrue this song as one of rape and murder. But this is the way he sees things happening with them if they don't A.) fix it or B.) end it before it draws to that point. Hence forth why the chorus returns. The guy in the story isn't used to the feeling that he's experiencing that's why he never thought he'd "Hit the floor" in such ways.

Now if you continue through the repeated chorus you'll get "Take this from me, I don't want to hurt you." here he has decided to end what they have before it draws to that point that's why he repeats once more.

Translation | Reviewer: Em | 4/4/10

I agree with the rape/murder thing. The first verse says, obviously, that he's stalking this girl. (let's just say it's a guy following a girl). He might have been with her in the past. Or he might just be some freak who's like "oh wow that chick is really hot".

In the second verse, he finally tries to "make a move" on her. She could have been at a bus stop or something. Who knows? Either way, he's touching her. Just, like, walks up to this chick and touches her neck, then moves down her spine. Exactly as they say in the song. In his mind, he's being romantic. Rapists, most of the time, don't see any "wrong" in what they're doing. She see's him, and kinda freaks out. But he asks her not to scream. When she does, he freaks, and so he kills her.
Maybe he actually got to raping her, too. I'm not sure.
When he see's what he's done, he runs away from the scene of the crime.

The chorus is the part that trips me up. That's where I kinda think that maybe this guy had a crush on this girl he's stalking. Or that he coudl have been with her before. Something like that. I don't think he really wanted to kill her, though. He just wanted to sleep with her or make her fall for him or something. I think that the chorus is talking about how he feels once he's killed her.

At the end, he's saying that he wished it would have went differently. Or that's what it means to me. The line is "Take this from me, I don't want to hurt you".
"Take this from me" means that he wants her. Or wants to sleep with her.
"I don't want to hurt you" means exactly what it says. He doesn't want to hurt the girl, and he regrets it. It's like he's talking to her. To me, that could be a little flashback. Like when he says "Don't scream I ask of you", he's telling her not to. So that "I don't want to hurt you" could have been part of him telling her not to scream. Or he could be regrating what he did, and is now looking back, sorta like "Aw why did I kill this girl? I should've told her this..."

Overall, a very good song. This is one of my faves by BFMV!! They are amazing.

metallicat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/10

i think the song is about a guy/girl who sees a happy girl/guy who they love,
walking home or just sees somewhere and wants to harm them because the person doesnt return their love.
he "HITS THE FLOOR" because he/she is going crazy because of this unreturned love, because the person broke up with them or such..
they "ASK FOR MORE" but dont get any back ,
the other person "TAKES IT ALL" because they take away this possible love and throw it away.

they imagine "HUNTING THE PERSON DOWN" but actually "DONT WANT TO HURT THE PERSON" because they love them....

obviously im writing all of this because thats exactly how i feel........

BFMV!!! \,,/ | Reviewer: DClover41 | 3/1/10

it's exactly like my interpretation x says.
Your face is alive and bright
But you can't see how weak you are 'cause i could end it tonight
- it's not that he wants to kill her, he wants to end the brightness and stuff, mayybe like some said he wanted to do it with her, maybe felt forced to, or maybe he was just jealous, cos like was said, maybe she broke up with him

Don't scream i ask of you but then you let one out so now its time to go
- meaning that he wants something of her, like probably sex, and then that scream everyone's talking about 'then you let one out' and then he panicked

I come down on you like a ton of bricks
all over so it's time to go
- meaning that when he panicked he killed her, all over, and he left ( I guess he ruled out the traces )

Take this from me, I don't wanna hurt you
- meaning he regrets, and somehow still wants her to know

and the chorus, Why do you take it all?
why do I beg for more?
- I'm sure it makes sense to what interpretation x said, like the girl has it all and he's just obsessed with her, maybe a bit jealous cos maybe she broke up cos he wasn't good enough for him and he takes that as a reason for it

Bullet rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/09

I agree with kcduffgirlThis song is about a relationship and the guy getting into a really heated argument with his girlfriend, he wants to end it but he still wants to be with her, eg "Why do you take it all, why do i beg for more". I don't think its about rape or murder, and ne1 who does is reading to much into it! BFMV rocks!!

my interpretation x | Reviewer: ella | 10/25/09

Theres this girl whos beautiful and energetic, and her boyfriend is desperately in love with her. He's controlling and obsessive. The girl gets wise and breaks up with him after their relationship becomes too abusive. He is devastated. One day he follows her home, he wants to have her one last time, he wants her back, he still loves her. She is so beautiful and vulnerable. He approaches at touches her back and neck, so beautiful, so vulnerable. She screams, and he panics and kills her. Filled with regret, he flees the scene of the crime.

idk lmao x | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/09

Mii interpurtation is like ... him and this girl or boy .. << could be gay uu never know lmao .. who could be an ex gf/bf who dumped him, an while he feels so in despair and fills with anger and hatred she/he is living a perfectly normal life. his emotional ties with this person are more greater than his/her towards him x ... he begins to watch her to satisfy his growing saticfactional needs with her (i.e. rape) x when he finally looses it and gets her on her own .. he aproaches her and his desire makes him want to touch her neck.. she screams and he snaps ... and in doing that kills her ... x ehh idk :D x

girl please | Reviewer: Hannah | 9/6/09

okay, my guess is that those two were dating, so he's talking bout following her home! creepy. my bet is that he loves this chicka so he follows her home and watches her. and eventually, when he works up the courage, he makes "his move". . . touching her, etc etc. then she gets scared cause some freak is touchin her so she screams and then he kills her. "why do you take it all? why do i beg for more? i never thought that this is how i'd hit the floor" to me this means that he probably did something to her before, as in abuse, and he doesn't understand why she alloed him to, or what about her made it so easy for him to control. but he likes it, he doesn't know why he likes having so much control over her but he does. and when he says "i never thought that this is how i'd hit the floor" he's talking about doing the worst abuse possible to her (killing her) and now he regrets it, he's hit his all time low. It doesnt flat out say "i killed her" but that's my opinion. you dont have to agree. its just what i think.

Hai | Reviewer: Devie | 8/21/09

I honestly think the lyrics to the song mean a love/suicide story.
When it says,
"But you can't see how weak you are 'cause i could end it tonight"
Meaning hes murdering her; but being forced to by someone else.
"Why do you take it all?
why do i beg for more?
I never thought that this is how i'd hit the floor
Why do you take it all?
Why do i beg for more?
I never thought that this is how I'd HIT THE FLOOR"
He wants to kill her, but by saying, "Why do you take it all? Why do I beg for more?"
Meaning, she would take all his lies to get her closer to him, so he can have the better advantage of killing her, but once he gets closer to her, he doesn't want to, therefor, he hits the floor.
"I creep up from behind, touch your neck.
move down your spine

you take a look and breathe so sharp
just a matter of time

Don't scream i ask of you but then you let one out
so now its time to go"

Not wanting to startle her, he begins to have feelings for this female, ready to kill her, he decides not to;

"Take this from me, I don't wanna hurt you
Take this from me, I DON'T WANNA HURT YOU!!!!"

Meaning he doesn't want to hurt her (obviously) but he feels as though he has to; possibly being forced by someone else? =x

That's my perspective of the song; Iunno if you can understand what I'm saying, but I hope that helps?

woo | Reviewer: ree | 8/10/09

Woo go bullet
This is an amazing
Though I have no ideaa what its about. I don't reckon its bout rape its probs about some guy who was trying to get a girl to notice him qnd dhes like all bitchcy and shit. Hah <3 bfmv

something. | Reviewer: jessie.=) | 7/10/09

I think the song is about a girl and her boyfriend ("I could end it tonight") and how she won't do it with him, but he keeps trying and so then he gets violent and abusive. (Possibly date rape??)

In its own way, it's actually justifying date rape with the "I don't wanna hurt you" at the end, and the guy's perspective. Yeah, so to me it's basically about a potentially violent person obsessed with getting some. But the song is trying to convey the message that he's not bad at heart.

"Hitting the floor" I think is a figurative term about how low his life is getting that he date rapes a girl.

Hmm, i dont know. | Reviewer: Haley | 7/2/09

I actually believe this song is about abuse, I mean "hitting the floor" would be referring to doing something really low, right? Well maybe some guy loved a girl, but perhaps he was a very jealous person, and he saw the girl with another guy, and it angered him so he hit her. *ahem an abusive realtionship* Which I'm stretching this pretty far but maybe he took (kidnapped) her and took her somewhere, where no one could see them, and he abused her *hence "dont scream i ask of you but then you let one out so now its time to go"* I dont know if you understand where I'm headed with this but in my mind it makes sense haha. Or its about rape (hence, "why do i beg for more" Oh yeah, im good =D This song is good regardless of what it means !

Hit the Floor! Maninder Sherry DAVIET 429/08! | Reviewer: Maninder Sherry DAVIET 429/08 Jalandhar, India- | 5/19/09

I think its about a girl and a boy who used to be lovers... bt th boy was over-protective, rude bt loved her v much.. so th girl felt encaged, and she broke-up with him.. the boy gt deeply hurt. and out of this profound impact.. he tries to show her that without him she is very vulnerable as she is cute, somewhat naive.. boy tries to communicate to her that she is an integral part of her life.. bt still his means of expression are th same (anger, rudeness).... .. Rock on 'BFMV' ,.....

Waooo BFMV | Reviewer: allana | 4/11/09

This song is about rape,or an obsession he has over a girl. I mean listen to the lyrics"I creep up behind you,"Woaaa creepy. I dont think they want to represent rape,I believe its just a personal song That means alot of things to Lead singer):

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