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Performed by Bullet For My Valentine

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listen to the song again! | Reviewer: patrick | 8/2/07

if you listen t the song AGAIN tom then you'll know that the whoa oh is lyrical...not by and effing guitar! its lyrical and melodic so deal

It's good... | Reviewer: Tom | 7/16/07

... I love the structure, the lyrics are good, but the bit where it says Whoah oh is actually done by a guitar, it's not lyrical, it's instrumental, also, I think this is about how Matt Tuck (the band's lead) had fallen in love with this woman, so much, but then he finds out she's using him to get to someone else, then once she has that someone else, she's claimng half of matt's stuff and going to this other dude. that's how I see it.

Hit the Floor | Reviewer: rach | 7/10/07

This song is Awesome! luv The Poison album! and cant wait till the new albums out in september! YAY!

gs | Reviewer: greg Nobody | 7/4/07

This song is awesome i fell in love with it as soon as i heard it! The band rox 2 another good song is Tears Dont Fall> I love it 2

BFMV | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/07

the guy is mad at her because he fell in love with her and doesn't know how to control his emotions

song | Reviewer: Jamie Crumley | 4/24/07

This song is amazing. As soon as i heard it i feel in love with it. It effin roxs!!

socce sue la froo | Reviewer: socce sue la froo | 4/15/07

this song is about rape.... hmm how nice.. haha but i love the band n the song is good wen u dont know the words.. hahahhaah

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