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Performed by Bullet For My Valentine

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BFMV | Reviewer: NaruGopal | 1/8/13

No offences to BFMV but guys u gotta listen to more Bands across the globe atleast to identify your taste jst like as u have ended up with BFMV. Wont suggest u guys any Bands in particular to lyrics n all..... Keep up the Metal Fire..

Too good! | Reviewer: Manish | 7/27/12

Have listened to most of BFMV songs, n songs from Poison are just too good!
This song really shows the bitter truth in today's world.
just totally in love with all the songs.
Songs like Tears dnt Fall, Curses and this one, they r just too good to say anything!
Hats off :)

the Best of the best | Reviewer: young Guns | 7/21/12

Like every others BMFV fan I m one of the Fan. The end has a very powerful lyrics.specially this one;there's no llove evrybodys crying'there's no truth everyones misguided.Your the best

wow | Reviewer: ~Emilise~ | 3/16/11

Unfortunatly I don't have to great of a sob story to go with my review of this song, but when I listen to this every single unhappy feeling I've had through the day is washed away. When my best friend realized he liked me in a not so friend based way he asked me out. Well we dated for 3 and a half years but then a few months ago he decided that I wasn't good enough for him anymore. Our friendship was shattered. Like everyone else this song helped my realize I didn't need him and I quickly got over it. A senior in high school doesn't need to worry about boys anyways. I find all there songs, but this one in particular, rather theraputic when a day goes bad so thanks BFMV. Best wishes ~Emily

LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Shane | 4/6/10

I'm with alot of the others on here. When i first heard BFMV i fell in love with all the songs i could download. then i bought "the poison" and it was the best money ive spent on a cd. When i first heard this song i just liked the lyrics then after a break up and being rejected by a baseball team i felt my life would never have meaning again but this song just speaks to me and helps me in my times of need. I love this song its one of the best songs ive ever heard. If ever im in need of a song to help me make since of stuff i turn to this band. your guys music is the best.

24/06 bfmv in greece :D | Reviewer: GiorgosBullet4MyValentine | 4/2/10

what an awesome song?!just like all of bullet songs..I used to have a very bad opinion about bullet labeling them as emo etc.
needless to say it's one of the things I have regretted most in my life..waking the demon got me into them and now they're one of my favourite bands..matt tuck is a god,my idol :)
anyway,about the song now,some of the best lyrics they've ever written.very depressive just like the music..I'm very glad to see that it means a lot to many people :)

Thanks | Reviewer: YO | 2/9/10

This song reminds me so much of the guy I used to be...Failing with girls,one by one,failing in dealing with people,again and again,finally getting overdepressed,almost suicidal!Thank you BFMV!!!!Maybe with this song you just saved a life!
Since I've started listening to that band,I regained confidence and now I'm happily in love(got a girlfriend) and lots of friends,which is the exact opposite of what I was before listening to you guys.
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

BFMV RULE | Reviewer: miller | 12/20/09

Just like all of the other reviewers, i use 'The End' to help me through the tough times. The song came to my rescue when my girlfriend of two years, sucked and fucked every guy she could on an end of school celebration holiday. What a sluty evil fucker huh? So whenever I feel shit, I plug in my BC Rich, turn the fucker up and play and sing along to the last track on Bullet for my valentines 'THE POISON' - The End. Instead of straight out telling her to get fucked, i played an acoustic version of the song. But the dumb fuck didn't get the message so I just told her to get fucked anyway. Get fucked Shell you cunt. your a cunt. And thank you Bullet, you have my uptmost respect!!! peace out

the meaning of life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/09

this song has so much meaning, Every time i listen to it it makes me remember what my life was once like, full of nothing but endless failures, that was long ago and now im doi'n okay thanks bullet for making me remember that for every choice we make in life their is always a consequence.

BFMV FUCKING ROCK | Reviewer: Jade | 9/13/09

I remember when I first heard this song. I had not long broken up with my boyfriend and I loved this song as it grew on me and it sounded like a song that should be played in Romeo and Juliet. I love this song because it helped me overgrow all the things that he had done to me. I went to see Bullet a couple of weeks ago and when they did'nt play End I was so unhappy but my sister had it on her MP3 so everything was good. I have to say this is my FAVE song by Bullet. Now I have overgrew my love for my boyfriend and now I hate his fucking guts so this song has helped me a lot. THANK YOU BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE WWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOO. There is also a very good meaning to the song and I like the meaning. Everyone who has just broken up with a boyfriend LISTEN TO END. It will blow all your fucking feelings out of your mind

love it <3 | Reviewer: a.v.g | 7/27/09

love it, i remmember the first time i heard this song, it was when i was haveing troubles with my friends and it turned out they werent my friends. i felt so angry and this song helped me overcome all the hate.

most of the songs remind me of all my memories when i listen to them but this one makes me forget all the problems, i dono, there is somethen with this song everyone likes X)

Long live BFMV | Reviewer: Mayank | 7/8/09

This song has changed my life. After break up with my girlfriend i was very much alone but this song helped me alot to get out of it. BFMV is simply great. No words to describe its greatness. They are the god of music. Thanks bfmv. Really without this band i was depressed but after i started listening bfmv i understood that really this are the practical facts which one should not neglect in his life. Never betray anyone readers.

beautiful | Reviewer: xmonsterxx3 | 6/16/09

This song is amazing. It gives me that high feeling after I cry. Do you know what I mean? It reminds me a lot of my ex boyfriend. Truth is I still miss him a lot. I loved him so much, but in the end it wasn't enough. He broke my heart time and time again and he always knows how to break the barrier around it. I'm an emotionally strong person and I rarely cry. He makes me cry every time...

BFMV has helped me a lot. I knew of them, but didn't really listen until I met my best friend. Their lyrics are so inspiring and remind me of the love I once had. =/

They've also helped me write some amazing stories. =]]

Nostalgia | Reviewer: Synecdoche | 5/1/09

My girlfriend and I have been going out for 6 months now, give some odd days, and I thought I lost her for a bit. For a couple days I did not hear from her. I heard this song right before she called me. Needless to say, I was sick and crying, thinking the worst, and I was so relieved. This song let me realize that she would not forget me.

♥Great Song by BFMV, Really Outdid Themselves♥

Omfg | Reviewer: Bfmv " The Poison " | 4/12/09

This song is amazing. i agree with most of you guys this song is touching. And the " end " of the song is beautiful. Ive recently fallen in love with a girl so everytime i listen to this song i think of her :D Bullet for my valentine will live for ever !!! ty

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