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Performed by Bullet For My Valentine

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hate | Reviewer: khan jayef | 1/2/11

im from bangladesh. i like this song as it tells something like my own words.once i had a girl friend.we loved each other from the time when she was just 10 yers and i just 15. after 7 yers she broke up our innosent relation and now with another guys. i can't forget her anymore. i feel angry when it reminds me that she is now with other.i become out of control and screaming like this song..!

awsome2 | Reviewer: stanley | 1/26/10

well I like this song a lot also it reminds me of my girl sigh I loved her she was my everything well she breaks up with me cause of stupid people so I listen to this song reminds me of her :( te amo:I love u

amazing | Reviewer: andrew rich | 11/5/08

this song is amazing i had a girl friend and we was very close and we was talking about marriage but one day she was on her way home in her car and got hit by a train so i dedicate this song to my love of my life....

dear =( | Reviewer: katie | 3/31/08

to you:
Hon, you are your only advocate in life. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You control your feelings, and it's your choice whether you're going to be happy or not. I'm a pregnant teen who is in love with the father of my kid but I'm not allowed to see him anymore, and he may go to jail. I'm also being forced into an adoption I don't really want. Regardless of all my troubles, I manage to make myself happy and thrive off of the beautiful things in life. Cheer up. I'm sure you're much better than you give yourself credit for.

awsome | Reviewer: =( | 12/24/07

I am a angry person. i hate myself and this song is just how i feel.. i always tell people to back off befor i snap but know one listens.. i am completely numb inside.. i just wanna die

SWEET SONG | Reviewer: Ian | 7/26/07

This song explains my entire life!! I love it cuz its like i wrote it :P reminds me of everything i know:(:)

BFMV!! | Reviewer: maritza | 5/9/07

I love this song bc it reminds me of the ups and downs of relaionships in life.

what the hell!!!! | Reviewer: Elena | 5/2/07

bullet for my valentine roxs they are the best no one can do it better!!!

i love this song!!!!! | Reviewer: bubba_lee_14 | 5/1/07

wow... I LOVE this song! The music video is cool too. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

that's me! | Reviewer: Eddie Rod. | 3/15/07

WOW,this is awesome,it tell people what to do when I feel like that!

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