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Performed by Bullet For My Valentine

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effing good song! | Reviewer: Alice | 6/3/09

Love this song so much! It kinda reminds me of my old friends and how I used to hang out with them cause I followed them like a dog. rofl. Now since I've converted my music from crappy prep songs to BFMV, I am awesome!!! Look at me now, people, look at me now.

Eff nice! | Reviewer: Siru Drawoh | 6/1/09

I fucking love this song. It makes me look back and see all the people who thought nothing of me, put me down, and thought they were mightier. They're all unsuccessful and loathing themselves while I have a great life now. Look at me now!

great song | Reviewer: ryan | 1/13/09

this is a great song very catchy and it remind me of an old friend (that little backstabber) ha ha anyway great song i know they repeat the lines alot but i dont care :D:D but i think room 409 is a better song but his is deff second D:D:D:D x

love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/09

i completely relate to this song cos i had two best friends for 5 years and they both tried to hook up with my boyfriend!!! and 2 yrs down the line, him and i are still together!!! look at me now bitches!!!

i love this song! | Reviewer: Tarryn | 10/11/08

this song has meaning to me, cuz i had two riends who were being really annoying!so i decided to leave them for a bit and hang out with some other riends, two weeks later they asked i they could join me and my other riends, i said yes but the line "Look At Me Now" has meaning to me! im good with one of the friends now but the other...not so good.

Oh wow! | Reviewer: ChrisPHURY | 9/27/08

I'm in love with this song... and Matt Tuck, but this song I can honestly relate to. I've been so humiliated by my friend and she's going to get whats coming to her.
This song was perfectly written and made. They push my other favorite bands out of the way.

Fucking yes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/08

This song describes this friend of mine who used me to write the music for his band and got me to play drums. once the material was gone, so was i from the band. he thinks he's so much better than me cause he uses my fucking songs. thats how i relate

about the tittle... | Reviewer: AlejandroLestad | 6/30/08

I Love this song, althought the lyrics dont have a meaning for me, i mean, no girl has betrayed.
i've read the comments below mine, who have similar histories beetween them.

i've got one question.
Are "look at me now" the 4 words related to the tittle, i still dont get it xD.

i agree with the by who said Tears dont fall its better.

B4MV ROCKS !!! for ever.

perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/08

i realize that all these comments have been made by i think its time that a girl relates to this song. my ex and i were supposed to stay friends no matter what...and he keeps turning on me and then coming back. its really pissing me off and i think this is a really good song to help people vent.

Kick ass | Reviewer: Peeves | 1/17/08

This song is so damn meaningful. For me too its about this chick who i thought was my friend but was just using me for her own benefit, and now thinks she's above me.I'm gonna return the favour and give her these 4 words to choke upon.

:]] | Reviewer: =] | 12/21/07

Ahahr Bullet For My Valentine ^^ this has to be my favourite song of theirs at the moment.. it sounds amazing & is a great song to listen to if you are angry (Y).


good song | Reviewer: jordan | 12/15/07

this is an amazing song, but tears dont fall is better, whoever said that tey did a halfass job can lick my rectum. it may have benn half assed but it is still amazing, theres alot more to music then lyrics.

....well | Reviewer: skyler | 12/13/07

i love bullet for my valentine... but they did a half ass job on this (in my opinion)it repeats the same two things over and over with no diversity exept when they sing it differently.. its catchier than hell... but i really think that they could have put more thought into this

Perfect! | Reviewer: Josh | 10/1/07

This is a great song! It PERFECTLY escribes this one chick I was friends with until she became a total bitch and turned on me. She only pretended to be my friend when she needed to use me to do something for her. That is LITERALLY "how its been, how it always will be" and she really does think she's above me...I am returning the favor, and I'll be sure to give her these Four Words To Choke Upon

this is perfect | Reviewer: Andrew | 8/8/07

this song is a perfect message for this one girl who turned into a bitch and turned on me. everything in it relates to her and not to mention its bfmv and its an awesome song! i mean hello how could it be more convinient?(spelling?)

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