Reviews for Crazy Bitch Lyrics

Performed by Buckcherry

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Oversexed Preteens | Reviewer: Brittney | 2/21/08

I actually only came on here for lyrics but I see people's comments and its obvious that half of you need to stop thinking about sex and go back to middle school you're too damn young to be talking about "fucking." And as for "fucking hot ass bitch" get a life girl, and close your legs. But truthfully, yeah the lyrics are pretty terrible, his voice is terrible, and the song in general is terrible.

This song is awful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/08

The lyrics are lame; there's no flow to them what so ever. I don't understand how it ever got on the radio, it's garage band JUNK! I see for the most part preteens like it, further proving my point that the lyrics are too stupid for anyone with an ear for music.

lol! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

im 12 and i know this song by heart! me and my mom and my 2 sisters know this song and we sing it all the time in the car with the radio up realy high!

listen to the lyrics people! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

have you people even listened to the lyrics of this song? It's a fantastic song, but it has nothing to do with having sex to become famous. It's about a guy who has sex with a crazy bitch just because it's a great fuck.

;/ | Reviewer: Jess | 1/4/08

Lmao, I love this song. Me and my sister listen to it all the time!
And it doesn't matter your age ;/ As long as your mature about it.
Im fourteen. Even though if my mother heard it she'd kill me xD

Come on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

People need to realize that its a song, not an instruction manual for life. I'm 35 years old, just heard the song and I love it! Its fun, its got a good beat, so just get over it.

bike week | Reviewer: n-hole | 12/6/07

I absolutely love this song! it has become the themesong to the doghouse gar and grill's bike rally song!! ask anyone there!!this bar is full of sexy bitches especially during during bike week!!

Awesome Song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

This is such a great song.....It had a wicked beat to it and who wouldn't love it. People might.....but who cares..everyone has their own taste in music. We drive around in car for hours and we listen to this song all the time...Maybe 10 times for sure!!

Keep 'em coming buckcherry!!

dude, its amazing | Reviewer: random chickk dude | 11/15/07

i love this song with a passion. the beat is amazing, and the lyrics make me laugh so hard i could piss my pants. dude this song rocks, whoever says it sucks is freakin retarded and has no life

Easy enough | Reviewer: Crazier | 11/14/07

Simple solution to all of you people ranting and raving at each other about this song:
If you like it- listen to it
Don't like it? Dont listen to it
Sounds easy enough to me.... Why would anyone sit there over the internet fighting about a song! Get a life!

fuckin love itt | Reviewer: hott ass chick | 11/12/07

this is the best fuckin song ever! all ya bitches who think its dumb need to shut up ya got no fricken life..this is a great fukin song! it says nothin bout rape or drugs there aint nothin wrong with sex!! i would have sex to be famous! call me a slut i dont care! you can get bent bitc hes who hate this song!

-fuckin hott ass chick x3
-lets fuckk lol

weird.. but good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

Okay, yeah this song is kinda strange. I'll admit it. My boyfriend LOVES this song. It has a good beat and everything, but the words are kinda .. woah. I'm still a teenager,and even i can see that. Most teens are all into sex and don't really care what they listen to.

But anyway, this song is totally true, girls would do anything to become famous.
All I have to say is if you DONT like to hear this song, hear the truth about life and whats really going on.. then don't open your ears to listen to it.


Fuckin EH | Reviewer: Caitlin | 11/4/07

This song is amazing and it holds truth. If you people think this doesn't go on in the real world, dream on. That's life... some people will do anything for fame. Balllllllin'.

WTF | Reviewer: Mr. Pookie | 11/1/07

The song sounds cool......but wtf!!! This song has such a bad message....and who gives a F*@K if this song is really good, nobody wants their kids to hear it. This world seriously doesn't give a f*%k about sh*t anymore. Seriously.......

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

Personally I think you all are fucking crazy, except the peopl who says the song's awesome. You dickheads who come in here with that good grammar trying to be smart and shit and have no idea what the fuck your talking about! I hear no rape in this at all or for that matter any drugs. I know so many girls that love this song and have it as their ringtone, myspace song, and other shit. So you all just need to fuck off about the song. Welcome to the real world.

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