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Performed by Buckcherry

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couldnt believe what i just heard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/07

i had gotten on my sisters ipod and i started listening to this song and i nearly fainted. yeah, there are some pretty bad songs out there about rape, sex, drugs, etc. but the fact of my little sister listening to something so trashy makes me sick. Maybe im just too protective but, not only does this song talk about fucking but its pretty degrating. Yeah, i was 14 once and i thought this stuff wasnt bad and i was pretty nieve. but now that ive grown up and learned, i see why people say the negative things that they do. why shouldnt they?
And as everyone knows, this world is pretty fucked up and making more songs like these arent doing shit but making more 13 yr olds convinced to call themselves a "crazy bitch" because they think that term is cool.
to all 12,13,14, and 15 year olds:
youre young and you probably wont understand this review but, you're no "crazy bitch".. youre a "trashy bitch"

Its a good un | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

I'm an all country person myself, but heck ya'll this song just hooks ya in. I's flippin through stations an I heard it, an this un had me hook, line, an sinker. Like I said, Its a good un for a rock song.

LOUDER!! | Reviewer: sand dollar | 4/22/07

Never has a song hooked me from the git go like CRAZY BITCH! I dare you not to get up off your ass and rock when this song plays! I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT!!

this make me hot | Reviewer: holly | 4/21/07

I never heard of this band or song until last week. I heard on the radio. I'm buying this album, like now. I love this song it's out there & so naughty. Love it. write me some more songs.

omgsh! LOVE IT!!! | Reviewer: Elysa | 4/19/07

Hey everyone... yeah. this song is sooo aw*some! Everytime I hear it, i get the song stuck in my head, and then i go to school, and sing it... yeah. I really hope i don't get caught one of these days! OH YEAH!!! KEEP PLAYINGTHIS SONG MORE ON THE RADIO. JUST BLEEP OUT THE BAD WORDS!!! l8er. peace out doggies!
-actually, this is Elysas bestie. but this is exactualy what she thinks of the song. so it is just like her typing. lol BYE!!!

AWSOME | Reviewer: natalie | 4/18/07

this sond is the best song i have ever heard and i can listen to it all day and night

AWSOME | Reviewer: natalie | 4/18/07

this song is the best song i have ever heard and i can listen to it all day and night it rocks

comment | Reviewer: Hilary | 4/19/07

if this song gets your kids to have sex then you must not teach them much or if a song gets through to them before they're own paretns...thats pretty bad

Realist opinion... | Reviewer: Heather.T | 4/15/07

Honestly, I like the song. I'll just get that out there first. It's got a good beat to it, and the music itself is really good. The lyrics are a little sketchy. I heard it on the radio a little while ago, and I kinda rushed to turn it off before my parents could hear too much (I'm a teenager, and granted, they'd probably heard it before, but there'd be quite the akward silence afterwards). I agree with the 13 year olds and knowing too much (I mean really, when I was 13, I didn't even know anything about kissing, let alone sex. But I don't think it can be attributed to just this song (let's face it, even older songs carry the same message, it's just not always so blunt). Or just music. It's pretty much everything. The only way to raise a child so they don't know about these things is to keep them at home all the time without a tv, radio or computer. But that doesn't mean that kids can't grow up right. They need to be taught self-respect, respect for others, self-control, decency, morals, all the important things. And don't rais them to want to rebel. That being said, people should try to edit their songs just a bit where you never know who'll be listning to them.

CRAZZZYYYY BITCH!! | Reviewer: Some Hot Girl | 3/31/07

OMFG!I love love this song!At our school dance last night this song came on and only me and 4 friends knew itt and we looked pretty fuckin retarded out there dancing and singing our ass off.Everyone thought we were just some Crazy 7's out there LOL.BEST SONG EVER!Is the point im gettin at lol.

Ikaga desu ka? Hai!! | Reviewer: KiBara | 3/22/07

This is not the best song ever writen or anything nor is the band the best *Guns N' Roses* but it rules so hardcore I can't imagine life without it *faints from the thought*

Kids and Music | Reviewer: KS | 3/2/07

For all the people out there who think that song lyrics talk your child or any child into having sex or anything else...get a grip. Kids who are having sex at a young age do it for a variety of reasons and I would be willing to bet that it's not because a song told them to. My husband and I have 3 kids and we don't censor what they listen to at all. It's all about teaching your children to do what's best for them and if you do that nothing is going to make a child do something that they know they shouldnt't. I like this song and so do my kids...and personally I don't think any of them are going to run out and have sex because of it. I think the more you censor the more they have to learn the hard way.

LOVIN' THIS SONG! | Reviewer: DanaBaby | 2/19/07

Hey, I love this song. My friend Mark showed me it and at first I thought it was way to vulgar but then I couldn't get it out of my head I kept listening to it. Whocares what the lyrics are I think they're hot and they definitely put me in the mood. And lastly for all you people out there critizing it, you guys are idiots, because they your little 13 year old kids are gonna have sex when there 13 no matter if they hear this song or not. Music doesn't. If kids are having sex at 13 they're minds were made up long before they heard this song. And a specific message for "Speechless Mom" if you don't want your kids to listen to it, don't let them.

oh yea | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/07

this song is sooo cool it makes u addicted to it i love it!!!!

OMG... | Reviewer: Me | 2/10/07

Wicked song! Fucking love it! Danced my ass off to it at the club the other night!

Now, as for all you self-righteous "holier-than-thou's" out there....SHUT THE HELL UP AND STOP FUCKING CRITICIZING GOOD MUSIC!! >,< Sure, it's talking about picking up a horny chick who likes to fuck...and yes it's INCREDIBLY disturbing knowing that 13yr-olds are losing their virginity to it (which shouldn't be happening until they're older but that's just MHO). But holy shit people...!! Fine, you can have your COMPLETELY negative views about a song that pretty much everyone one cares...but don't voice it in such a manner that says, "You're unholy/unpure/evil and are going to rot in hell for listening to this." If that's the case...I'm probably RULING Hell at this point *heehee*...then again, my beliefs are "And herm ye none, do what ye will" (Paganism, anyone? :D). And having hot wild sex to a song like this is not hurting anyone... *hehe* It boosts karmic energy IMHO *grin*.


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