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Performed by Buckcherry

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=) | Reviewer: Harley | 7/20/09

This is just a song that should not have this much influence over anyone. If you dont like the song, WTF are you doing reading the lyrics? for everyone that doesnt like like the song and read the lyrics reguardless your a bunch of Dumbasses. I am a woman and i love this song look at the music that was played in the 60s, 70s, and 80s how much better was that? If people want to fuck who is anybody to tell them they cant and for all the biblethumpers and holyrollers out there that think this is a horrible song go somewhere else cuz we dont need the spam for ppl that do like this style of music

the song i love and people hate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/09

hey who care if u love the song are not get over it because people are not going to stop listen to the song because u do not like it i mean u don't have to listen to the song but most of us are going to listen to the song because we love the song so you do not have to listen to it. u can find another songe to listen to so do not get mad at this i was just reading and i saw what people was writing so i thougth that i should writing this love ya

@ John | Reviewer: Phil | 7/9/09

You wasted your time writing all of that, and more importantly, my time reading it. It's safe to say you've chosen the wrong forum to express yourself as this is a lyric website and most people probably want to sing along to the "devil's music". I think its also safe to say that you shouldn't be so quick to judge others lifestyles seeing as you don't seem to leave your house often. Actually surprised you didnt have a problem with all that darn cussin'. Lastly lets leave the educated people in power to decide if society is degenerating, economists and priests will have much better arguments than John the Greeter from Wal-Mart. Btw sorry if anyone is actually a Wal-Mart greeter, it was ignorant but also funny and necessary.

=] | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/23/09

I love this song! my mom myself and my sisters all like this song! john, this song is just a song and people don't find all that much harm in it! chillax man! live your life and let people live theirs! being a female, I thinks it's a fun song with a catchy beat! love it!! have fun listening

Just for fun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

Most likely the band just thought it would be fun to write a song with a more animal and instinctual side. It's catchy and has a fun beat.

When I heard the song for the first time I didn't think of the lyrics as bad, just like as if you would joke with your girlfriend about sex.

I dont think this song has deep meaning, it sells and its meant to entertain. Thats music. Like it or hate it. If you hate it you dont have to listen to it.

Crazy is as it does | Reviewer: Cara | 5/15/09

My 19 yr old daughter introduced me to this song and even as a single mom I love it!. Good beat, great logical words and the two of us love rocking out to it. Those who are offended by it seem to have a strong biased side which is too bad when it comes to real life considering biasness makes you lose much in life. So what if the song is about $ for sex, ZZ Top never got this much bad publicity for their $ for sex song. If ya don't like it son't listen or learn to loosen up a bit.

Been there done that. | Reviewer: Crazy Bitch | 5/16/09

Song reminds me of a crazy bitch that I couldn't trust as far as I could throw a grand piano, but she fucked like it was an Olympic sport and she was shooting for gold.

To each his own interpretation of the song, but don't bash those that don't share your interpretation.

Don't look too deep - it's just a song! | Reviewer: Shen | 5/10/09

WOW @ John -

While I respect your opinion, and understand your point oof view, I still feel the need to point out tht this is just a song aboit a girl having sex for money and they guyss who patronize her That is her choice and theirs. why judge them? Futhermoe, if you don't like the song, don't listen to it. Move on. It can't affect you if you chose not to let it. Buckcherry is not forcing their music or their views down your throat. Move on and listen to some Celine if that's your cup of tea. Crazy Bitch wasn't created to change the world, just provide entertainment. You are giving waaaay too much power to a silly, fun song.

Seriously? | Reviewer: Annonymous | 5/5/09

I think this is an awesome song! a lot of people fuck these days just for the fact of fucking and this doesn't give off the wrong image as long as your not under the age of.. 15 i would say, it's just a song! so if you have a problem with this song maybe your just sensitive because you're not getting Laid!

I Like This Song! | Reviewer: LOVE MAMMA MIA!!! AND THIS SONG TOO!!! | 5/5/09

I can't change anyone's opinion but i think that those of you slaming this song like JOHN!!! are retarded b/c its not the person that wrote these lyrics fault that there is idiots that fuck just to fuck and just leave women hanging are just man whores or dare to say rape but the people that do say that i want to smack the shit out of them b/c it isn't right to say that!!!! WOMEN LIKE THIS SONG believe me b/c i am a woman who likes this song!

I am not a slut,cunt,or whore b/c some of you fucking idiotic men might think so. (Like john)
I hate arrogant,cocky men and i would not date somebody that is an asshole.

The downfall of society | Reviewer: John | 4/25/09

First of all I just want to say I know its not cool to do the right thing, and have self control, its cool to drink, smoke, and have promiscuous sex and then do some insane mental gymnastics and live a lie, telling yourself (when you know fully well deep down inside its wrong) that you're ok and that youre lifestyle is fine. But the lyrics are absolutely horrible, I know there are alot of people on here defending the band, but you guys just need to accept the FACT that these lyrics are wrong and bad, it is NOT right to have sex with someone just to fuck, its about love "youre crazy but i like the way you fuck me" thats wrong. Although everyone will deny this because pple arent honest with themselves alot of people are just trying to defend this band because they like this song. I find it very funny how bands like this try to look all tough but you could tell they're all really very weak and its all just a show, anyone that is led mostly by their emotions and does not think with their brain like these guys and just fucks to fuck has issues, so they try to play it off and look all tough in pictures and videos, when really they are just insecure, weak, lost souled people. And I think alot of people on here that are trying to defend this band are lost as well and are not honest with themselves, because if they were they wouldnt try to be defending this band because there isnt a doubt in my mind that they KNOW that this has a horrible message and its about womanizing, there is no depth to this song it is what it is, it has depth to the people who try to make it something it isnt and then go on to defend it.

BTW this has NOTHING to do with religion, it has to do with common sense of right and wrong, and if people could just be honest with themselves and think with their brain they would know that this song is bad.

Society is falling, just look around now its acceptable to just use girls and then throw them away, this song with alot of rap songs are the downfall of society and its getting worse... I wouldnt be surprised if the world did end in 2012

/clap | Reviewer: Konrad | 1/31/09

By far Buckcherry's most superior in my opinion. The beat is good, and the lyrics are great as well. And I think it's funny how it's all getting polemical when people start talking about this song. The only thing Buckcherry are doing is admire what prostitutes do the best : sex. I don't exactly see what the problem is. It's also pretty funny lyrics ; there's no actual disrespect in this song, it's much more complimenting than it is downgrading. And at the same time it actually seems to be against prostitution more than for it. If people would see past the 1st degree in such a song, they wouldn't be posting random hate comments.

Yeahhhh | Reviewer: Josh Todd yeah that's my name | 1/4/09

This song was written about Paris Hilton and her use of a sex tape to help her become better known. So shut up you ignorant assholes who think buckcherry is antiwoman listen to don't go away by them or sorry

Don't know what everyones bitching about | Reviewer: Rebeccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar | 12/29/08

I am female (exciting stuff, right?) and I don't know why everyone assumes people who write songs like this are bastards to women. So many songs have nothing to do with the people that write them and are just a bit of fun. And if a woman chose to go out with a man who had no respect for them it'd be her making a bad choice, not everythings the guys fault. The majority of people commenting seem to realise it's just a bit of fun, like so many things in life. GET OVER IT.

people who hate this song are retarded | Reviewer: t.b.A.D.R. | 11/30/08

if you don't like the song because of the music fine but the people who have a beef with the lyrics due to religion think of it this way the man is talking about a GIRL not a GUY its not gay and flab all you want about abstain this and abstain that but to my memory there is no where in the bible where it says no premarital intercourse its a modern idea that most people don't follow any way.
and before you go hateing on a song listen to the MUSIC not only the LYRICS so think this way and the world will be a less scary place to most people its like if picaso drew a nude woman on a couch or a bed people might call it smut but if you stand back and look at it from a perspectiv of art then its a master pice so that in mind i take my leave

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