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Performed by Buckcherry

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yall are gay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

this song is the shit, its modern time now ppl, and fuckin bitches is what its all about, so quit bitchin about it being drugs or rape, yall sound like little bitches, get some pussy lol, i like fuckin with a girl makin scratches down my back, yall need to get out and realize what lifes all about

Great Song!! | Reviewer: JD | 10/28/07

This song talks about a girl that is willing to job into bed with a famous person to get into a video and get squat or in drugs to be in the video.

This is a great song.. It has a good beat and it is fun to sing along too! The version on the radio doesn't have F@#k in it. Is it good for young people to hear? Probably not.. BUT listen to all of the other song out there. Example Candy Man from Christina it doesn't talk about candy! Again, it is another awesome and fun song to sing.

I could go on to name about 100 artists that have a song regarding a girl doing things she should NOT be doing. Rock on Artists!!! You have the right to do so!

On the other hand, it’s really up to the parents to monitor what their kids are doing and listening. The rest of us should watch what we say and do in front of young people.

Sorry to say.. This country is so messed up that there are hardly any GOOD people in the world anymore.

P.S.-> I have the clean version on my myspace!!

Great song! | Reviewer: JD | 10/28/07

oops emotions got in the way. the first line should have been:

This song talks about a girl that is willing to jump into bed with a famous person and get paid squat in drugs to be in the video.


great song | Reviewer: joe | 10/27/07

a lot of rock bands now arent liek wat they were in the 80s its just not bad ass anymore and tese guys cna say watever they want and the guitar parts sick as hell so fuck is censored on the radio too btw for the people who hate this song for its lyrics wat do u listen to commercial sellouts tat do exactaly as theri record companies tel them to do liek americna idol winners?

CRAZY BITCH IS BITCHIN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

If you're going to waste all your time complaining about this song and what it says, then you obviously could have taken that time to shut the fuck up. God dam, there is absolutly nothing wrong with this song! Its got one hell of a beat too it, and I personally think its hilarious...I don't really know where your getting the 'rape' part, but personally this song is incredibly true. ;)

OMG | Reviewer: EMO | 10/26/07

Here is the quote from the first person "i had gotten on my sisters ipod and i started listening to this song and i nearly fainted. yeah, there are some pretty bad songs out there about rape, sex, drugs, etc. but the fact of my little sister listening to something so trashy makes me sick. Maybe im just too protective but, not only does this song talk about fucking but its pretty degrating. Yeah, i was 14 once and i thought this stuff wasnt bad and i was pretty nieve. but now that ive grown up and learned, i see why people say the negative things that they do. why shouldnt they?
And as everyone knows, this world is pretty fucked up and making more songs like these arent doing shit but making more 13 yr olds convinced to call themselves a "crazy bitch" because they think that term is cool.
to all 12,13,14, and 15 year olds:
youre young and you probably wont understand this review but, you're no "crazy bitch".. youre a "trashy bitch"

I am 14 and I acctually agree with you. I hate this song. Its sick and disgusting. All my friends sing it and say they are a crazy bitch, im like woah no your not, now stop listening to this shit. It sucks. So yeah.

Great Song | Reviewer: Sara | 10/25/07

heh, First off, there's nothing wrong with cussing on national radio, check thi little paper called the bill of rights, it says something about being able to say whatver we want without persicution by the government, and the only version I've ever heard on radio has 'fuck' edited out.

Secondly, if €ou took all that time to tell people that like this song (including myself) about how little you care about us, well, you must care alot to spend all that time typeing.

Thridly, So what if his song is about a whore and selling drugs? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about a halusination while on drugs, and that is one of the most iconic songs ever! (not to mention yellow submarine was about being on drugs), but no one calls the beatles beat-poop or anything.

Finally, This song is good, not cause of what it's abou or how unlinke to terrorism it is but because it has a good beat and is fun to sing along to, as well as the fact that I know a number of carzy bitches...

Jamie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

the song is about a whore, "another one night paid in full"... she got paid "cashing in the rocks just to get you face to face" means he's selling drugs to pay her

I Love this song! | Reviewer: Mellie | 10/17/07

Buckcherry! Yes like OMGAH they are the greatest rock band ever! This song, along with PORNO STAR, are the best rock songs I have ever heard! They can paint such a great mental picture and they have ORIGINALITY! Unlike most of you crack selling, Hyprocrites out there! Buckcherry is awesome! Better than most bands out there! As for the dude that said this song is about rape, WRONG!!!!
and the other dude that questioned them being rock, do u even know what rock is??


Agreed | Reviewer: buckcherry | 10/17/07

i fully agree with mareiyah (merayuh) on the review of crazy bitch and "I've never hated a 'rock' song more". what does this song, or this band for that matter have to do with the United States' national condition or international affairs? and where the fuck did you get this notion of terrorists? my god you have way too much time on your hands to get so mad about this particular band, and disrespectfully remark the people who listen to them. fuck you.

in response to "I've never hated a 'rock' song more". | Reviewer: mareiyah (merayuh) | 10/12/07

Let me start by saying you are an utter moron and waste of matter for the bullshit you posted.

If you had even the slightest educational background you'd understand that we live in a country in which we were granted our right and freedom to speech. Had the FCC found anything wrong and degrading to women regarding this song, I don't think it would have even been allowed on public radio for listening. And even then, it was censored for public radio. For you to even draw your lousy excuse of a conclusion that the song invites terrorism is completely inane. You must not have too much time on your hands to get to wired about this song. Get yourself a girlfriend. I think even your pal rosey palm is gettinsick of you.

crazy bitch | Reviewer: Jamie | 10/13/07

I think it is essentially a song about rape,
"cashing in the rocks just to get you face to face."
what is he saying here?, perhaps feeding some crazy bitch crack rocks?, or some meth so she gets all horney and doesn't know what the fuck she's doing?
it's easy to take advantage of a drug addict, especially sexually.
sounds perty lame, and slimey if not rape to me!

Wow | Reviewer: Convict | 10/6/07

So many hyped and il-thought words and how in the name of all that's holy did the topic switch from what I iterpret as a guy singing about one of the greatest lays he's experienced, full of passion and energy to rape? Sweet merciful christ! It's a song folks, people have been expressing themselves this way since the dawn of time, lest we forget Elvis and the pelvic thrust. Hey Buck, keep it real, my lady and I love this song and yeah, we romp to it... on repeat of course. ;)

What's wrong? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

Wow. The previous responder is what's wrong with America. Such passion over a song? I only hear this song in bars and it's fantastic to dance to! Even if you're not really a 'crazy bitch'
p.s. 'bitch' is never censored

CRAZY BITCH Jared, Officer, Iowa | Reviewer: Jared | 10/4/07

A comment on the first review below mine (Mr. Anonomous) this is art if you do not care for it then dont listen to it, I am a 30 year old father of 2 and I care about the USA and everything that it stands for. How dare you say that my parents left me at home and I am a bad person!!! Anyone who wishes assasination on anyone is a terrorists in my mind.
And what is your stand on the freedom of speech, well this is your quote," EXACTLY what's wrong with America!" If you dont like it KICK ROCKS!!
This song is art, it is explaining my Wife and myself in the bedroom having great sex unlike what you are getting with your hand. Thank you and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!! Rock On

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