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Performed by Bryan White

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TRUE LOVE WAITS | Reviewer: ronie acuin | 2/22/11

i thank GOD for what he done :)) and i wait for what the LORD GOD gave to me that surely bless and we will be good person to everyone :)) and we come together to share the love of CHRIST :)) and i take that SHE (THE ONE I WAIT ) is "GOD gave me :))

God will give me YOU! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/11

I really love this song..Actually i play it many times before i sleep.So everytime i hear,it gives me chances of not loosing hope that someday in God's time true love will come my way.The right GUY in the right time!I believe in YOU!

God gave me you [caz] | Reviewer: caz | 2/21/11

God gave me you is one of my fav. song. im thanking God for giving my caz. i love you so much baby. thank you for accepting me back i know i give you so much pain. i really not meant it. now your one of the reason why i breath,ur my inspiration. my life. sana i find d guts 2 say i love you. I LOVE YOU CAZ. f ever God gave me second life i will rather choose you.

God gave me you...:) | Reviewer: may marzonia | 2/18/11

I love this song..super inspire and the msg. is nice it gives love and inspiration for every people...i love it! God i know u one day u will give me the person that he will love me ..hehe...and tnx sa mga tao na bibgay mo for me...

Jem-zel Forever | Reviewer: jemzel_16 | 2/16/11

This song is very nice...lyrics are good and the whole song is fascinating!while I'm listening on it, I'm thanking God for giving me a good person like Jemars Dave.He's trully a faithful guy,I couldn't imagine that he can wait me for a year without communication.Our prayer is that, "God thank you for putting us together,help us to be strong no matter circumstances came...till the right time that we're really prapared to have a happy and God-fearing family.Bless the Lord in our Relationship!

a blessing for me..... | Reviewer: zabdiel | 2/2/11

wHat a beautiful song....i like it very much....its my favorite song.,,,i thank GOD 4 giving me a friend w/c i can lean on...and THE one who help me to know GOD much better... and he teach me how to fight temptation....i love you so much my dear bro.....GOD bless!!I'm so blessed because i have you in my life....and i thank GOD for everything....hope our friendship will be forever....sister....

theme song | Reviewer: samantha | 1/12/11

this is my favorite song.. i thank god bec. he give you to me.. there's nothing else i could wish for.. i love you hobx. a wish you're the one . i love you with all my heart ,, i promise that i'll always be here for you.. i will love you for ever .. i'm so very happy when we're together.. i love you so much .. 1432465254 ...

khaye_22 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/10

it is my favorite song,my inspiration "babe" you will never know how much i love you...thanks for the time we spent together...sori for everyhting...and thanks god for giving me a person like you.... i'm so hapi to met someone like you....because God gave m you.......i miz you.... tall @ handdsome...

mareen20 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/10

dadah i love you not for what you have but for what you have made of me. I prayed for the guy, then GOD GAVE ME YOU..! i love you so much with our son japhet, i was so blessed knowing that you are always there for me,for not giving up on me,on us..Just hold on 2 God.

god gave me you||love101987 | Reviewer: love | 11/18/10

even you made me cry, i still love you! ..i made all the things just for you to stay with me...and i realize how much i love you i never wanted anything in this world--- tnx 2 understand me and you know just how to make things right. im her 2 always love you tin 4ever . and tnx god 2 give you 2 me... love you so much.

god gave me you | Reviewer: jasmine | 11/17/10

this was our theme song of my special someone..everytime he sing it with me.i feel that i'm the most happiest girl in the return, i'm so that i have francis in my life,.he is the only guy that everythings happen, he understand me., he cares me, and especiallly he loves me...god gave him to me, that's why i cnt forget what he given to me,, a gift that i didn't wish, but this gift make me happy..and i thanks god..and also my family who is always there beside me., in every trials i came.

God gave me you | Reviewer: Cherry mae | 11/7/10

Ilove you somuch dy..Always remember and bear it in your mind that i always here to love you even more than my life,.And sori for everything for what I've done that you got hurt.When you told me that the song intitled"GOD GAVE ME YOU"is our theme song i am very happy...And thanks to GOD for giving me a person like you,understanding,responsible,caring and ofcourse loving..Ilove you so much dy..Frm.Your MEH..

God gave me you | Reviewer: Cherry mae | 11/7/10

Thanks GOD for the person you gave to me..When my husband/boyfriend told me that this song is our theme song,im very very happy..Ilove you somuch dy..Ilove you,not only for what you are,but for what i am when i am w/you,.And this is my promise to you and to our baby james,my heart is ever and ever at your service..Ilove you daddy ku..

our wedding song...=) | Reviewer: mine_20 | 11/1/10

I am not expecting to settle down one day & start to dream spending my whole life with someone. But our God is a God of great surprises, He brought this person in my life that tested my own set of standard...=) God only proved to me that His plan is far greater than mine. When I heard the song God Gave Me You, I felt paralize for a minute, as every word sinking in I couldn't do anything but to smile in awe, because it's as if every word on this song are unreleashed words from my heart. And my joy have doubled when I let my then boyfriend to listen to this song, as he exclaimed how this song tells exactly how he felt towards our relationship. That he is so thankful that I am the one God has brought in his life to share everything with, his love, his passion, his forever. That was the time we both agree that we finally found the perfect song for our wedding day. Isn't that ideal taking your vows while hearing the song telling the story of your journey finding each other through God's way?!

God Gave You | Reviewer: joan asuncion | 10/16/10

it is my favorite song,my friend,my mates impres when they read the lyrics to my book of life,God Gave me you was dedicated to Don whom i love w/out any reazon,kung asan ka man ngayon sana maalala mo n minsan my joan na nagmamahal ng tapat syo, who did evryting to save our relationship na kahit langit at lupa ang pagitan naten,,,i love you so much,even you've never love me back.. i miss you so much

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