Reviews for God Gave Me You Lyrics

Performed by Bryan White

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to my husband.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/12

we are almost 10 years and i thank god you are still with me even though there are many trials.Still we love each other and I know that GOD GAVE ME you for the rest of my life..Thank you for your love........Hope this will last forever.

daniel ray | Reviewer: daniel ray | 1/7/12

this song is so very related to us , this is the rightsong for me ,waiting someone special to your life .. for me this song is symbolized how to be strong our self with him and , if i heared this song im felt so inlove with my crush .until now im waiting for him , na ma fefeel rin niya na i love him ..

----daniel ray ------




Gods gift | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/12

whenever i hear this music i always think of you and even where not the one who are destined to be as.. u know, i always be there whenever you needs me and prays the best for u and ur bf..
I Thank God for letting me feel what wonderful love is..

god gave me you by brian white :reviewer /03/2012 | Reviewer: nhicha masakazu | 1/2/12

This song is didicated to my bestfrend for almost 16 years sis thank"s for all the support youve been gving me i will allways be there for you too! love you verry much sis gobless,

My loving Husband forever | Reviewer: Sheryl Gabriel | 12/29/11

Im so thankful to god, because for so many years i had seen him again.God gave me him and my family..kababata ko lang siya nun na super crush ko, then, after six years from now, nagkita ulit kami, and, I knew kaagad na may gusto siya saken, kaya nanligaw siya, at naging kame na, and i didn't know, he waited for me for so long, may tatlong anak na kame ngayon..:D

Obsolutely Touchin' song | Reviewer: Rodelyn | 12/19/11

What a song! It really catches my ears everytime it is being played. I'd love to hear it always. This is for Mr. Leo Tembrevilla, my one and only hubie. I was so thankful that God gave me you.. I love you so much hubie.

Im so lucky | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/11

Im so lucky that God gave me you,b'cause when i heard this song, you, Marco Polo L. Agulto is the one that i like to grow old with..... Thank you to our all migthy God that he gave you to be with me,,,, Iloveu:)

From: joylyn:)

jovic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/11

!!!!God gave me you! the first and ever song that i love!Eventhu wla n kami ng bf ko ngayon. I really love him so much,at sa knnya ko lng nramdman ang gnitong love. I nver expect n drating xa sakin at iparmdam ang gnitong love.Kya god gave me you ang npili kong song bcoz god gave him to me to feel the wonderful and very precious love. Until now I really love him so much at nghihintay na bblik xa! hhehe gnito cgro ang mainlove anuh! nkakabliw at nakakaadik pa!

ilovemybryan.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

i am so surprised when he went back from singapore he showed me our video with this song as the background music.And at the end of the video is the picture of couple in a wedding ceremony,.This song is for my one and only..iloveyousomuch..

god gave me you | Reviewer: econ | 12/10/11

ive so much thankful 2god coz he gave me a man like you ., even thu hndi pa ngayon ang panahon na para sa ating dalawa .. patient s so m4tant we dont know na sa huli tayong dalawa parin .. im so very inspired wen i hear dis song bcoz its so related in my life and love story .. iloveyou soo much my dear .. and to my family // iloveyou all coz god gave me a family like all of you ..

God gave me you | Reviewer: shin | 12/7/11

The first time I heard this song is when i was on the taxi with someone I was trying to forget and move on. While listening, I want to cry pero pinigilan ko lang. All the memories came back to me.
I never asked for it but He came into my life out of the blue. We became close friends and I fell inlove. I even told myself that he is God given to me.
But maybe there are certain things happen for a reason.

i love my wife | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

i really thankful that God gave me you
i really love you my wife kate

Finding True Love | Reviewer: Mysterious Girl | 11/29/11

It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you forever.. THAT'S ABSOLUTELY TRUE..Now, GOD already gave me special someone and i promise to keep him forever..wish ko lang sya na talaga because i don't wanna lose him anymore.. ^__^kahit mahirap ang sitwasyon for both of us.. Im willing to give the best part of me to save our relationship..

god gave me you | Reviewer: breaker_angel | 11/20/11

,,,,it is very inspiring song,,specially 2 us <waiting for someone>..don't lose hope..God s busy finding som1 4 us,,it wll cum @ d ryt tym...jst kip holdng on,,n God nothing is impossible..:-)lov u BRO...

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