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Performed by Bryan White

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PRe.....BEbE ko..... | Reviewer: charlie | 4/13/11

im so blessed to dedicate this sing to ms.nhelle melanio of buenavista,she was asked me to check this song and ask for the lyrics,,i was amazed for the meaningful lyrics and awesome melody as well,,it sucks me inside...and for now im beging god that he will gave you to me... para mxbi ko na

"GOd GaVe Me YoU"


God Gave Me You | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/11

I was so touched when my boyfriend played this song and sing it right next me.... I was almost to cry listening every line of this song & the way he sings. The feeling of mixed emotion of over whelmed, happiness that can't be payed for any amount; i felt so lucky & worthy that he dedicated this song for me...Feeling like I'm the ONLY GIRL in The WORLD....I'm very happy & satisfied knowing that how true & deep his love for me...& knowing also that our love keep growing & stronger everyday that GOD GAVE ME YOU...Thank you for the love for making me feel special & kindness that you showed to me...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH L-A-N-G-G-A... I hope that together we will stand in front of God's Altar with our precious vows till forever...

a message for my love | Reviewer: crisangel | 4/2/11

it is a really great song and a beautiful,, i like this song so much,, when i come home from the school i always play this song,, god gave me you,, i didecate this song to my one and only love,,angelo,,thank you god,,i love you so much...

Labiedubz | Reviewer: kenjz | 3/29/11

I really really like the song it reminds me how greatful i am to have you in my life labz you've been there for me to make me happy and satified with what life has and you always undrstand me everytime when im too busy with my work and i just spent lil time with you. i love u labiee God knows that. i just hope that will be together eventhough there are people who against our relationship but i will stand right beside you not only as partner but as bestfriend forever. I LOVE U SO MUCH LABIEE

Thanks mahal ko | Reviewer: Jerric B. Calosor | 3/23/11

my girl dedicated this song to me... I was glad up to my hearts delight being worthy enough for this song.. loving her and being loved by her is the most beautiful thing that has happen to my entire life, and could ask for anything else, being with her is all I could ever wish for... I could only hope that I can make her truly happy with the love I gave to her I dedicate to no one else but her.. I could only hope that I can lived up to prove my worth... cause I can only say that I'll just stay this way truly, madly, deeply in love with you always and forever...

loVe is in the air.... | Reviewer: cheAnnE(^_^) | 3/24/11

i love this song..i keep this song as my theme song in my intire life..this is the song that i didecate to the person whose god given to me.
i know god gve me the ryt guy..maybe this is the not ryt tme..but i'm still hoping and waiting that god send me the best guy for me..who will not hurt me...
daniel..tanx for your love that u've shared to me..i keep it as one of my happiest moment to hve in my life..
tnx a lot..

God gave me you... | Reviewer: khenjhen | 3/20/11

i really love this's trully inspiring...
i thank God for giving me a great gift that i ever wish for.. my son.. my angel in inspiration...
But the reason why i breath is God , and reason why i have life is GOD.. dedicated only for Him Lord Jesus...second to my so. It is not right to say the reason we live here is for someone we love.. we should love above all our God. Offer to him your love... and God will give you unconditional love...and will provide also someone who will care for you... God be a center of our daily life... godbless...

God Gave Me You | Reviewer: monique | 3/16/11

is a very beautiful song, i always play this everyday here in office...
memorize na ng mga kasama ko to...
tnx god for giving me a great boyfriend..he is one of the best person in my life i love him so much..

yam | Reviewer: chelle garcia | 3/15/11

i love this song so much...this one of my favorite song...and i will not make sawa sa pakikinig sa song na ito..and for me this is the right song for the inspired and specially for the lovers...

'yam' i dedicate this song only for you.....thank you so much for everything...God Bless

MJ the greatest gift that I've ever had | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/11

....i really love this song,and i know that god gave me the right person for me, i love you so much ney,i'm sorry for the wrong words that i used everytime i've got mad,selos lang po,but thank you so much for being my inspiration,for giving me reason to smile, to wake up and continue my life.Having you is the all that I live for.....and I truly blessed that GOD GAVE ME YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

jheancanaria | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/11

a very beautiful song...i really thankful to GOD for giving me a boyfriend who serves an inspiration and made me smile everyday i woke are the reason why i made me life are the greatest gift of GOD....your my treasure....I WISH..YOUR MY PARTNER SOMEDAY.. .....ILOVEYOU NORWENN..MWAAAHH

A MESSAGE For Him | Reviewer: hanekaeru17 | 3/11/11

I really felt cheated before even though he gave me all his time and effort to make me feel special and his only one. I didn't even know why I am frustrated about it. I also did wrong things, repeatedly. But he was always the one to say sorry. I didn't have much faith in him, worrying he would leave me any time he'd like to. But now, he proved me that he was meant for me.

God gave him to me to make me realize how worthy I am to have him. He is the reason why I live. I was born to love him, and he was born to love me. Lord knows how happy I am because of him. And I will be forever thankful for having him in my life.


i Hope GOD GAVE ME YOU someday. . | Reviewer: Munch | 3/7/11

i heard this song to the fb account of the girl (new girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend). .he made a youtube video and i listened to that song.. when i saw the video that he made.. im so inlove even that video isn't for me (so sad for me right!?). . i wish to god that someday i find someone more than not bitter and im happy for them! i only wish to find that someone also..who always there for me, to love, to care and to guide me all the time.. im so excited to be with him.. i will love him with all my heart!i wil give everything he wants..

im 4 years single since my boyfriend broke up with me.. so sad right? but i wanna wait someone who really deserve my love and god sent also..

keep praying guys so that God will sent us good person.. good as god also!

God gave me you... to love forever!! | Reviewer: Maybelle | 3/3/11

pang! I know that God know that i need someone like you...who made smile each and every day..the love you gave me is the greatest gift I've ever received in my whole're such a good gift and I'll treasure you forever here in my heart because,God Gave me you... I LOVE YOU..

god gave me you | Reviewer: jm _17 | 3/3/11

this song was very.,.,.,very .,.. inspiring and its one of my favorite song.I thank god for giving me the persons who serve as my inspiration of my life.All the persons who gave me the reasons to wake up and to continue my life.I am very thank full with the only girl i've ever had in my life my "jane" tnx for all what you have done for me and promz i'll try to be the one reason to make you happy:-)

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