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Performed by Bryan White

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it is nice to know that we are in love with the idea of love | Reviewer: zann | 5/5/11

when i first heard the song it feels like "wwwwoooww" amazing.. it feels like u r in love with the idea of love (though it's true)..I would like to dedicate this song to the person to whom i'm in love and to love forever..'cos "God gave me you"..

I KNOW ITS GOD GAVE ME YOU!!! | Reviewer: SFC-catarman,Sis.Melisa | 5/4/11

To my everdearest loving Nanay,

IM SO VERY TOUCH WITH THE RELIGIOUS SONG, "GOD GIVE ME YOU". It's so amazing how i missed you so much! ='( I know God created you to be one of my bestfriends here in on earth, and not only that im so blessed your my loving nanay. Its been 7 months since you left me, and i'm longing for your smile and warm embraced. It's so hard for me to think your not at my side now. I can only imagine your smile and laughter during our meals. And before i close my eyes every night off to bed, i can't handle but to think of you every now and then. One year is fast approaching to your death anniversary. But, I don't think about it. All i wanted to remember is your sweetest smile and advices, yet, come up with so much sadness every time. Oh! GOD! i think im paranoid missing you a lot. As the lyrics goes i know that GOD gave me you to show me what's real. There's more to life, than just how i feel, I know its GOD gave me you. My dearest nanay, wherever you are right now, thank you so much for all the times we have had spent together. I felt down now, i dont know what and where to go, i know its GOD gave me you. That's why im so glad i found it in you. A loving nanay who is there for me when the time of my troubles and decisions in life. Im terribly missing you so much. Only my heart and eyes can tell how much im missin' you. I only dream of you last night, and whenever im missin you so much. I dont want to end this but, in my heart and soul your always be at my side. You know how much i love you nanay, i know that you knew it. Im brave enough to face the reality in life now that you're gone.


your loving daughter,
Melissa Benesisto Onod
SFC-Catarman, Northern Samar

great song and lyrics!!! i love it | Reviewer: anafe culiat | 5/6/11

i like this song very much.. every word in its lyrics was felt and comes from the heart. i admire the writer of this great song and also bryan white for singing it. it was adorable. i wish i had someone whom i can dedicate this song.. :)

GOD GAVE ME YOU, my godsgift! | Reviewer: SFC-catarman,Sis.Melisa | 5/5/11

to a dear godsgift Jake Ada,

I know its God gave me you, thank you for being here with me, in times my sorrows when my loving nanay gone... you are always thought me to be more open-minded everytime i missed her. you always, made me smile and hear a joke from you so that sadness may fade away. I know that, its very hard to thing those KATIGASAN NG ULO KO for sometimes. But, indeed GOD knows im fighting all my problems alone and facing it with a brave heart to solved it. I know that you knew how much i missed her, but, you tend and try more and more and more to UNDERSTAND how i felt. Thank you so much for the love and care inspite of my weaknesses. iloveyou the way you love me back.

your godsgift,

GOD GAVE ME YOU, my godsgift! | Reviewer: janus ada | 5/5/11

Im just lucky to have my godsgift, she made me realize so much of all the things i had just taken for granted, i know and im 100 percent certain that she is heaven sent,i know that there are so much trials ahead but we could surpass it together, every relationship should be threesome,hehehe, me, you and god being the center,. i love you so much my loves,. thanks for coming into my life,.

GOD GAVE ME YOU ATE DORY DONES,sfc-catarman | Reviewer: SFC-catarman,Sis.Melisa | 5/4/11

to my ate dory, who inspired me this song... i thank you so much. sobrang na touch ako and i recall my life what is it now. How is it going. But, when you let me this song hear it and read it. i cried a lot. thank you so much ate Dory... i will not ever dare forget this... iloveyoupo ate... mwoahugz!!!

its me,
simply melissa

from me to you | Reviewer: ladyblue | 5/6/11

The very first time I heard this song, there's one guy that I remembered god had given me, and he was my ex-boyfriend. I must admit, I still love this guy. He's the man that I asked god to give me before and he gave him to me. Unfortunately, something happened that we separated ways..and now that she's with other girl, I still love him no matter what..He will remain in my heart. For me, he's the man that I will love for the rest of my life..I'm still looking forward to seeing him in the future..I miss him so much..

for my mom.. | Reviewer: khrung-khrung | 5/5/11

Im so bless to have a mom like you even thought sometimes we had a mis-understanding but never come in my mind to answer you I keep quiet and listen to you... when i heared this song the first person come on my mind it was you... I God gave me a mom again I will choose you again... I Love you so much...

p.s tnx for discouraging me to think my ex and let him go b'coz were not for each other... =)

god give me you | Reviewer: charmaine | 4/30/11

my message for my dad.

i really thank God for sending this person on earth.(sobrang nakakatouch ung every lines ng song).Now i can tell that im lucky for having this guy.before, im just praying to God to sent someone on earth na hindi na ako sasaktan.a person who'll be there for me specially in times of troubles.then,God heared my prayer and He give this person to,i'm ready to tell him..GOD GAVE ME YOU!!(i want & wish na sana ito ang maging theme song sa wedding day ko--9 years from now!!---

Future Bf :) | Reviewer: JustinDBeadles | 4/30/11

How nice :) i love the meaning (lyrics) the tune, everything . It inspires us a lot :), and now im still looking 4 my mr.bby boy/mr.perfect/mr.right etc... :p i know that God will gve me you in d right time, ryt place :) and im going to wait 4 dt right time :)

Love this song. | Reviewer: Annyomus | 4/25/11

I have had this guy in my mind every time I think of this song, we have never really had a conversation, but I believe that if He's the right one God will show me. Thanks for the beautiful song! :)

thank you | Reviewer: nylanref | 4/19/11

the song is really amazing...when i heared this song i feel so blessed that i have this special guy in my life,i was hurt so many times but someone really came along and made a big difference i never expect he will come and i could say that God really gave you to me....

nice song.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/11

the first time I've heard this song.. i don't know its feel like love and forgiveness.. kakagaling ko lang sa isang masakit na heartbreak.. but when i heard this song.. lahat ng hatred nawala.. right now,, i want to forgive them for what had happen.. may mga bagay lang siguro na dapat maranasan ang isang tao.. para lalo natin maintindihan ang mundo.. kahit wala pa binibigay si Lord na isang tao na magmamahal sakin masaya na ko..

God is so good, so he will give u the right 1 for u:):) | Reviewer: libRagirL | 4/18/11

Right time will come,u gonna tell the word "GOD GAVE ME YOU" for the person you wanted most in your life. As u go with the lyrics of this song, it seems that u've been fall inlove many times but then the truelove is not yet founded. So just keep on loving and 4 sure at the right time God will gave the best 1 for u!.. And take note that if ur loving someone make sure that u have a space to love urself. Coz if not, u will be suffering from pain and tears. Dont give ur 100% love so that at the end u still have enough to fight by what u felt inside. Coz loving too much can kill u! But as we know, when we love,expect that u will be hurt coz that's a part of love. So we must know how to handle it and fight for any circumstances. Coz GOD will help us to overcome any trials we had face in life. Bear in mind that finding the right one is not that so easy in this wide world, just be at yourself all the time! act naturally and dont pretend to be someone else,so that is return or as time passes by, you can find what u want in life. Think positive all the time and always put God first in everything u do in this world. This is just my view about this song,anyway this is one of my favorite and im ONLY preparing this song to whom will love and accept me with who i am. If he comes at the ryt time i want this song to be are themesong that would last forever. And i'll make sure that this will be a big treasure would i'll be receive in my life soon!...GODBLESS US ALL...


waiting whom i gonna tell this line,.... GOD GAVE ME YOU.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/11

Im just being interested with this song when my bf told me that GOD GAVE ME YOU... So i search this song in the youtube then when i heard it i love the song nor the lyrics of it... i thought the 1 hu told me this word will stay with me forever but then he left me without any valid reason... i love him so much but his love for me is not that much,so haizttt so sad:(..., cguro dahil nga sa malau akoh sau kaya ganun ang nangyari,1 year na pero still im hurt for all what u've done and felt me like empty...iloveyousomuch eventhogh u r w/ someone else... hope ur hapi of what u r now,maybe tyms come that i would be hapi for the ryt person soon.. cnasabi koh move on na koh but not totally kasi pag nag baback ung kung anung meron tau nun, ouch pa rin 4 me...but still waiting to whom person would i tell that GOD GAVE ME YOU...

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