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Performed by Bryan Adams

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fascinatin' | Reviewer: maruf | 7/26/07

dis song is 1st of all an al tym clasi2, which remind of da best days of our lyf. so i'd give 11/10

Great Song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

I just love this song. This gear, when my school ended.. I was asked to sing something. I'm not much for singing school stuff.. So i decided i'd sing this.. I went good, Now they will remember me, as i quit my old school to go to 7'th. Im swedish so im 13 years old.

The reason i choosed this song is that it has wonderful lyrics, Telling about his best moments in his life.. And i guess my best moments have been in my old school.

That's all for me.. Great song.

summer of 69 | Reviewer: vikram | 4/27/07

It’s always been a little too easy to take shots at Bryan Adams, the mere mention of his name summons up visions of white t-shirt wearing weak radio rocking. The fact that he's also a ginger nut, a Canadian and the deep blue denim sporting clown who subjected the UK to "Everything I do (I do it for you)" for over 16 weeks doesn't help matters. But if only these gingophobes had taken the time to scratch below the surface of one of his 'all time classic' hits, the mighty "Summer of 69".

hi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/07

i do not understand the lyric of summer 69.. i speak spanish, and i would like read it in spanish

finest one | Reviewer: ashok jorali | 12/13/06

The best lyric i have ever gone through
alwys like to listen to this song

Nice Song | Reviewer: Rajiv Vig | 11/2/06

I really like this song....Reminds me about my past wonderfull moments

Awsome | Reviewer: Vanessa | 8/13/05

I give this song 5 stars. It is easy to sing-along to, and has wonderful meaning. I love it!

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