obsessed with Bruno Mars | Reviewer: Tluv | 1/11/14

Bruno I think that u r the , sexiest, hottest guy on earth and I am totally in love with u and your songs. My favorite s r Grenade, Just d way u r and locked out of heaven. I love u and always will.

Bruno mars you stole my heart | Reviewer: Alicia allen | 9/13/13

Bruno mars i love u from the bottom of my heart!!!!!every time i hear his voice or name my heart jumps,he is extremly CUTE!! He has such a great voice. I'm in love with every single structure of his face,and i also love his hair.my favourite singles are locked out of heaven and grenade.he is the best singer in the world to me now and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruno marsBEST IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!! | Reviewer: Alicia lynch | 9/10/13

Bruno is soooooo CUTE.I am inlove with this crooner.he also is very great dancer.i love is hair, eyes and smile.my favourite songs are:it will rain,GRENADE,LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN ,just the way u r and talkin to the moon &i love the video for locked out of heaven:-).bruno continue to be just the way are; perfect .cause i would catch a grenade for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im in love with you!!! | Reviewer: meave | 8/25/13

Bruno mars is a hot sexy singer and is the best livving soul in the universe!!your my inspriation!!mary me i love you just the way you are!!!cause when you smile the whole world stops and stares for awhile cause dude your amazing just the way you are!!
love your future wife!!!
ily u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

"GREATNESS" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/13

Bruno is the "REAL DEAL". The "TOTAL PACKAGE". Extremely talented vocally,musically inclined, good dancer, great personaliity, a caring heart for Women and he's handsome. Hawaii has blessed us with another beautiful gift. BRUNO IS THE "ALOHA SPIRIT".

Adore Bruno Mars | Reviewer: Lorna D. | 4/14/13

I just love Bruno Mars, and I am a Grandma of four adorable beautiful children who happen to just love Bruno. Bruno Mars is my long lost child. I meant he supposed to be my son. We come from a musical family, and understand music. Most of our family perform in some ways, and my son , like his age also composed scores of music and is attending Berklee College of Music pursuing a career in music production, but i always picture him like Bruno who is so much talent. Bruno, is the pride of Pinoy. We have so many Filipino talent , and Bruno Mars just gives our heritage a sense of pride. I wish him many years of music, and I would hope and pray, that Bruno Mars music will live forever, and that he would take good care of himself so his music will be enjoyed by people all over the world. I love to dance to his music.

Cougar that Loves Bruno Mars | Reviewer: Tracy Maiolo | 12/18/12

I love everything about Bruno. I think he has so much talent. I love his voice and love how they perform as a band. I am a cougar and still love to jam to Bruno Mars music. I enjoy all of Bruno and Phil's interviews together they make me laugh when I watch them. They seem to have a lot of fun and really enjoy what they do for a living. Who could ask for more. I recently brought the Unorthodox Jukebox CD and absolutely love let.