Reviews for The Promise II Lyrics

------Performed by Bruce Springsteen | 09/18/2006 12:00:00 PM

The Promise - A hidden gem

It appears on the album '18 Tracks' which some see as a blatant attempt to wring even more money from the faithful who shelled out £35 sterling for the four album compilation of rarities 'Tracks'.....but its worth every penny for this song alone. Dating back to the period between 'Born to Run' and 'Darkness' where Bruce was in the midst of a suit with Mike Appel his early mentor and champion, some believe that it relates directly to the breakdown of that artist/manager relationship. The Bosses' camp claims not, but the song is moody and brooding, and smacks of a man whose faith in the purity of his dream has been stripped away. This song is an absolute classic, delivered against a solo piano.

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