Piece Of Informartion | Reviewer: John savage | 7/15/12

Just want to be completely anal and point that the correction above is not wholly accurate. While the lyrics of the correction are... correct, this is an alternative version of the song, the lyrics as originally presented here are not wrong. The new version given is from an original take by Springsteen before the song was edited for The River. The original lyrics presented are from the song as it was sung on The River album.

Please correct these lyrics | Reviewer: Ted | 3/14/09

Hello there. Please see below the corrected lyrics for this song:
I met a little girl and I settled down
In a little house out on the edge of town
We got married, and swore we'd never part
Then little by little we drifted from each other's heart At first I thought it was just restlessness
That would fade as time went by and our love grew deep
In the end it was something more I guess
That tore us apart and made us weep

And I'm driving a stolen car
Down on Eldridge Avenue
Each night I wait to get caught
But I never do

She asked if I remembered the letters I wrote
When our love was young and bold
She said last night she read those letters
And they made her feel one hundred years old

There's a river that runs by that little town down into the sea
It was there in the shade I laid my body down as she flowed on so effortlessly
Now there's a party tonight out off the county line, there be dancing down at seven trees
From these banks I can see those party lights shine, maby she's there maby she's looking for me

Last night I dreamed I made the call
I swore to return to stay forever more once again we stood on the wedding steps at whipre hall and walked on and on through the chapel door
I can remember how good I felt inside when the preacher said "Son you may kiss the bride
But as I leaned over to touch her pretty lips I felt it all slip away through my fingertips
And I'm driving a stolen car through a pitt's black night
I keep telling myself everything is gonna be alright
But I ride by night and I travel in fear no matter what I do, or wher I drive
Nobody sees me when I ride by