a kick a** song | Reviewer: troy | 2/16/13

the very first time i heard this song was back in 76, while i was a child and my my dad and step-mom did care for rock.When i heard it was remade by manfred mann's earth band then i found that bruce springsteen did it frist that when i really enjoy it and i got into the other of rock not just hard but there is differant type of music and that what change me and i enjoy it yes i pushing 48 and enjoy the old stuff better

not just a song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/12

I was on Bruce's concert in Vienna in July 2013. It was amazing. And though I just knew the most famous songs, he captured me with every song he shared with his fans.
It felt like he told us different stories of his life, like "spirits in the night". I've never heard it before but I was enchainged by his energy and his ability to make a song to a story. It is a gift.

One of the all-time-greatest | Reviewer: Momo | 1/4/12

Even though I'm just slightly older than this song and though I heard it first in my teens in the late 80s on the live-best-of-compilation, it quickly became one my absolute favourites.

It's drug-insired, but it's so emotional (esp. the live-version from the best-of), that it just gets to me everytime.

my father is davy | Reviewer: linny griffiths | 6/20/11

My father...dave griffiths is the davy in this song. Bruce and my father were very good friends growing up. They actually played in bruces first band together...steel mill. Anyway, just a piece of trivia for ya!

love this song | Reviewer: jean turek | 4/6/09

The first time I ever heard this song was in 1975 or 76 at the grantite Mall in Lima Pa.
I didn't even know who Bruce was and then after hearing him, I was hooked for life.
He is a Great Artist, one of a kind.