Sad song and how mysterious a woman is | Reviewer: Rhiyan | 10/4/10

When I heard this song at first time, I got a strong melody, sad melody from this song. At the point, this song tells about how so mysterious a woman or girl is. Although she can let you do everything you want but you have to try harder to know her self deeper.

For the melody, I really love it. Although it seems sad melody but it can build a strong atmosphere which relates to the lyric.

heartbroken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/08

Someone sent these lyrics to the man in my life and I was livid. These lyrics are pretty strong when taken in a contents of this nature. I felt that she was telling him that I have what you want and desire but can't have. I loved this song but I find it really hard to listen to now without getting upset.

akgül | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/07

this is the song, l really wanna stand by it against the reality and cruel of the world we are in!