You're right... | Reviewer: malbuff | 8/21/14

... it probably should be "Women use the door." Guess I missed that one. There are many lyric sites out there that have posted totally butchered versions of this song, and I did my best to set the record straight. Thanks for catching that one. BTW, I love y'all's reviews, they are wonderful! This song is Bruce's finest moment IMO.

Heart starts pumpin... | Reviewer: Tree | 8/9/14

Every time I hear the opening of this song, it's like having my heart defribbed. It just gets me going. It's a song that you will never say "I've heard it too many times" or "overplayed." Forget Born in the USA or Born to run.....this song is my Bruce classic that will never get old.

Cleveland Agora,1973 | Reviewer: pammalamma | 7/26/14

Cleveland's WMMS started playing TW,TI& the E Street Shuffle album as soon as it was released in the fall of '73. I couldn't get enough of it: I learned all the lyrics to Rosalita & Kitty's Back overnight. When I heard the E Street Band was coming to play during WMMS' Small Hall Concert Series at the Agora, I called all my friends, got somebody's parents' station wagon reserved for the night & set the date: WE WERE GOING.
Well, we arrived that Friday night a few minutes late because THE E Street Band had already started playing, so we ran up to our seats, first row balcony, and I sang every song with Bruce and the Boys, while a lot of people just sat there AND STARED at me. I knew the set was coming to an end because they'd played everything but Rosalita, and when that started, I jumped to my feet, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs right along with The Boss and about 14 other people downstairs who were doing the same in the front row. Screaming for more, while people continued to stare at me, The E Street Band took their bows and the curtain s closed. Then the headline band-Wishbone Ash-took the stage (and answered a lot of MY questions) and after 3 chords of their first song, I looked over at my friends and said, "Cmon,kids. We're going home. We've already seen THE SHOW!"
I was 16 then/ 57 now and I'll tell ya: some thrills are NEVER duplicated.

Rosalita Quin was born in 2011 | Reviewer: Rosie's Mama | 4/8/14

I named my youngest Rosalita, we call her Rosa, because it was the only derivation of Rose that I could NOT find in any baby book. So, it pleased me to know there would not be 20 other kids at her school with the same name.
Only after I had settled on the name did I look elsewhere for it. That was when I discovered this song. It was amazing and I was proud to have my baby linked to the BOSS in such a way. I'm so surprised I didn't discover it sooner in my life, but some things just work out that way. :-)

Women use the door | Reviewer: Bruce Springsteen Fan | 9/26/13

that's what I always thought it was, women not winners. Anyway who cares it's such a great song, so much rockin and rollin in one song it's incredible. Every good thing about RnR is in this song, the beat the horns the screaming guitars the story line of love, lust, conniving and jiving on the streets with your friends. what an artist he is, what a great band to pull it off, to put it all together in 5 or 6 minutes whatever it is and tell the story. I was playing in a band when this song hit the radio full-time in new jersey and my gf's dad hated me for it. I had no future except the next practice, the next gig. we never got the "big advance" but we sure had a lot of fun playing the jersey shore...some of the sweetest memories i have are sunday nigths at the Pony when Bruce would join Cats and jam late into the night after a lot of the crowd had gone home...we were fresh off our gig Bruce was coming from wherever, Cats were doing their thing and then there's Bruce on stage and everybody gets that Aren't-You-Glad-You-Stayed? feeling...can't say i remember him playing Rosalita when I saw him there but a whole lot of other great numbers. Through the late 70s and into the 80s he played it pretty much every time I saw him in a real concert.
I guess as far as songs go Rosalita - that and Backstreets - tell the story for me of what it was like growing up on the jersey shore.

Memphis 1976 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/13

Bruce was still playing small concert halls throughout the country and had just been on the covers of Time and Newsweek when I saw him perform live in the South Hall Auditorium in Memphis in late April 1976.
I had heard the song Rosalita (Come out tonight) many times because I had the album. When Bruce got to the part of the song when he tells Rosie that the record company just gave him a big advance, he changed the lyrics to:
" . . . Well, tell him this is his last chance to get his daughter in a fine romance . . . " became: "Tell your Daddy I ain't no freak, I just got my picture on the cover of Time and Newsweek . . ."
The crowd in Memphis just loved it and the folks from Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas finally had something good to say about New Jersey.

Brillant! | Reviewer: Not Young, Not Old. | 1/31/13

The dynamics of this song are amazing. The third verse where he sings "Oh yeah, your papa says he knows that I don't have any money. Well, tell him this is his last chance to get his daughter in a fine romance, because a record company, Rosie, just gave me a big advance!" is pure brilliance!

Rosie | Reviewer: Anne "Rosie" Benigno | 1/30/13

A man who was a friend of myself and my husband of over 30 years called me Rosie for decades. I always knew it was based on the song but never looked up the lyrics until tonite although I saw Bruce and company perform it more than once. John passed on 1/25/2013. I will always think of him when I hear Rosalita:)

the break | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/11

this song was the finale for years and the best part live was the break in the middle where bruce introduced the e st band. you always wondered what he was going to say when he got to clemons: "the master of disaster, the kahuna of surf n soul...!"

Springsteen and Beam--2010 Boss | Reviewer: Double GEE | 1/4/10

The BOSS had a concert on Paladia New Years Eve Eve....we caught it a bit after it started. Then continued drinking Jim Beam Red Stag waiting for ROSALITA...drinking, waiting, drinking in between every song change--well he never played it. Got Drunk. Very very rarely drink 2 days in a row--and now New Years Eve was fast approaching at our Bar. Anywhooo's Sang Rosalita New Years Eve and was very happy with my performance--IT IS A VERY HARD SONG TO SING--All the way through--correctly--even the BOSS takes some of the highest and BEST parts and cuts them short for his live versions. I Didn't. So welcome 2010--ROSALITA STILL ROCKS--crowd loved it. Selah.

Our Abyssinian Cat Named Rosalita | Reviewer: daveinboca | 2/6/09

About 25 years ago, my wife & I bought an Abyssinian cat from a cattery in McLean, VA, sired by Spartacus and spayed because she was TOO STUCK UP to be exhibited at cat shows with mere mortals. We named her Rosalita originally because she disappeared for a week in our apartment, but reappeared while the song was playing on the FM radio! A writer named Christopher Hitchens used to drink at our house and would stare at Rosalita for a half-hour at a time and pronounce her "the most beautiful creature I have ever seen."

But Rosalita was much much more, a bird-catcher & leaper of phenomenal skills---she would jump off our third-story outdoor porch to the ground unharmed and then evade capture in skunk/cat/possum traps for weeks at a time, stealing the bait, but avoiding the trapdoor. She ran out of her nine lives about twenty-plus later when she chased a bird into heavy traffic and paid dearly for the mistake....! We still have the pictures and every time I hear the song, I see Rosalita making twelve foot standing leaps UP to our window sill to get into the house with a bird in her mouth---she was an Olympian in the cat world...!

Fenway | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/08

seeing bruce do rosalita two nights in a row really made up for lost time for me anyway. seen bruce several and until the fenway nights had never seen him do it. iguess he put the tuneto bed for years on account of well, its a fucking hard song to play for starters and he was sick of constant requests for it. but yes live its otherworldly.
~ PM

...And now for my mother, the greatest love song I ever wrote! | Reviewer: Perry | 11/16/07

Rosalita! Great song from Springsteen's pre-Born To Run years. So honest and simple - that hand clap bit gets me everytime! The live version BLOWS THE STUDIO VERSION AWAY. Clemons sax rocks too!

Rosalita! | Reviewer: Jedd | 11/15/07

Driving into work it played on Sirius Satellite radio...crystal clear...I think it's one of Bruce's best songs.

Feets Start Tappin | Reviewer: George Douglas | 10/17/07

There are about five songs which never fail to shake me out of the blues and get me "jumpin and jivin" (OK, I'm old-so sue me) and Rosalita is my main "happy tune" . It has shaken me out of the doldrums more than once. My feets start tappin', my ass starts shakin' and my voice starts singin along full throttle not matter how many people start complainin' (I can't sing).

Thank you, Bruce and the Band, for ROSALITA- it's responsible for whatever mental health I still possess. God love ya!

George Douglas