born in the u s a | Reviewer: brock | 8/24/14

Born in the u s a is one of the best album i have ever heard i have two of his t-shirts and a baseball cap with his name on it i felt sad when his saxophone player clarence clemmons died he was the best

my first man | Reviewer: shipa nickz | 3/26/14

i got my first star poster when i was was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S POSTER..........

surfric please read this! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/14

you corrected the reviewer for writing that BTR was a '74 effort. you said it was '75. The album was '75, the song BTR was written and recorded in '74. I have now before me a copy of the album BTR which says that all the songs on the album are written by Bruce Springsteen in '75 except Born To Run which is '74 Bruce Springsteen. Also, the musician credits for the song BTR include David Sancious and Ernest Carter who left the group in July of '74. No other song on the album contains these credits because the rest of the BTR album was recorded in '75. Sancious and Carter were replaced by Roy Bittan and Max Wienberg in July of '74

a few corrections | Reviewer: surfric | 7/14/13

Nice job summarizing what we love about Bruce. A few corrections. WIESS was bought and devoured by his fans, like me, there just weren't enough of them.

Bruce didn't join the E street band. In fact WIESS is credited to Bruce Springsteen. The E street band had not been named as such yet. They practiced at David Sanscious' mother's house on E street I think in Asbury Park, hence the "E street shuffle" and LATER, the E street band (though Sanscious left before that).

"the singer-songwriter came up with what is called his breakthrough effort Born to Run in 1974. The title song "Thunder Road"'s continuous playing on the radio brought the album to the top five. The album received an abundant of praise leading Springsteen to be dubbed the "Savior of Rock & Roll". Magazine's and Newspaper's were swarming to get him to appear in their publications."

This is really bad writing, research, what have you. Born to Run came out in 1975, not 1974. The title song of the album "Born to Run" was not "Thunder Road", but rather "Born to Run". (TR is the BEST song, so maybe that's what you're getting at). You mean abundance of praise, not abundent. The famous quote by Jon Landau had Springsteen as the "future of Rock and Roll" not the savior, and happened well before BTR, after a concert Landau caught in Harvard Square MA I think in '73 or '74. Of course I could Google all this and get the dates right for sure. Makes me wonder why you didn't bother do that.

The magazines (no apostrophe necessary) I suppose you mean are Time and Newsweek, who famously had Bruce on their covers, unbeknownst to each other apparently, during the same week of 1975. So why not just say that? How do magazines swarm anyway?

Enough. You get my points. Namely if you are going to write something and hold it out as useful information, you should check you facts, get someone to proof it and catch your grammatical and other errors. Yah, I'm a pedant, so sue me. I'm with you in the love of (especially early) Bruce.

10-16-1976....10-23-2012 | Reviewer: Jay | 10/26/12

Way too long between shows. Bruce's energy level is un-real.
Jake Clemons was awesome as was Miami Steve and Max and the rest of the band.I can't wait to see them again. I will not wait so long next time...RISE UP !

The Boss Rocks Metlife Stadium | Reviewer: Luke | 10/20/12

3hrs 50 minutes of classic Springsteen live. The man is a machine and kept the fans on their feet all night mixing the old with some new. Have never experienced a crowd come alight like l witnessed when Rosalita burst out of the set list.
This night made an Aussie tourist extremely happy and inspired with the way he related to his fellow New Jersey people.
He Rocks

Still Has Fun | Reviewer: Lon | 9/29/10

Mr. Springsteen demonstrated for me in the many times I saw him (I live in NJ) what it is to have fun playing rock n roll music. I enjoy his concerts having a great time with him rather than observing him. Even when He must not feel like playing, and I swear I saw him turn and puke under the edge of the stage at the beginning of a Giants Stadium show which was itself, of course, very spirited, he transcends the everyday into that rarified essence of rock and roll power we know when he plays.
Thanks, Bruce.

Happy birthday | Reviewer: karina | 9/23/07

Today raise my glass. As every September 23, to drink to the birthday of my idol!!! Happy birthday springsteen!!!

pieces of my existence | Reviewer: Georgios Theodoridis | 5/3/07

...talks to my soul,heart,flesh...memories,living memories life to the lees...
how can I not love his songs?either older or newer ones?