A Classic | Reviewer: vikingnut | 12/18/13

Reminds you of how good music used to be. The words had meaning and you could understand them, the artists actually played instruments and wrote music. The music has gone so far down hill not sure it can ever come back. THANK GOD I listened to music in the 80's....best music ever!!

Wow | Reviewer: Guy | 7/28/08

Have heard this song a million times, and obviously thought I knew the lyrics. But for some reason I started to reading them carefully tonight. Amazing insight into the lives of so many people. Truly one of the greatests artists ever.

Point Blank | Reviewer: Julia | 12/2/06

Depressingly sad lyrics, summing up my eighteenth year when I left home and lived in a bedsit.
It sums up every little girls realisation of just how hard life can be alone, even when home life is hard, and it describes my feelings that I was literally being shot 'point blank' by being cast out, - without the luxury of being shot in the back.
One for sad little girls everywhere.