mrs McGrath | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/12

In reference to the review of 5/24/09
He was an Irish conscript into the British army (red coats). the reference to America was the war they were sent to. Loved the song. I'm just a bug for details.

simply wonderful | Reviewer: mehdi | 5/24/09

i didn't know Mr Springsteen was such a "humane" artist. i really loved "Mrs.Grath" for it uncovers the terrible end American troops happen to face at the end of each single war the stubborn officials take them to.

Just Great and moving | Reviewer: jULIUS | 11/25/07

Maybe songs like this one some day help us to create another, better world without pain, blood and melancholy.

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/06

great song, great perfomance