Metaphores for Freedom | Reviewer: Susan Giese | 11/19/2007

Bruce Springsteen' s CD MAGIC is a strong
and true WAKE-UP call for us all: Want to
live? Get the message. Want to die? Stay
in the dark. At 74 years old, I cannot thank
Mr. Springsteen and the E Street Band and
all involved, enough for their courageous style
in this CD. Over the ages, many poets, writers
and bards have been tortured, imprisoned
and murdered for using lessor metaphores
in their works than he has used in "Magic".
Mr. Springsteen has thrown caution, and
perhaps his life and career, to the winds.
Let's not kid ourselves, he did it for his own
AND for us. "These are dark times." TODAY
is the day! Another generation must WAKE\
UP and YELL; I hear you, Let's rock, 'n ROLL