Further on up the rd | Reviewer: Ed Slaney | 12/22/12

Totally awesome. I m going through a tough separation. Of 22 yrs but this DVD is really helping me cope because it just keeps bringing a smile to my face I always loved Bruce but this has really put him to a new level. Bravo Bruce thank you

Live In Dublin: Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band | Reviewer: Marg | 4/25/08

The first I watched the dvd of this album was on holidays in Cairns Qld. and I was so moved to buy the double CD in which was also a copy of the DVD. Now I want to tell everyone about how fantastic it is.....

To fully appreciate each track, they must be listened to at volume. On the DVD, you can actually see everyone onstage, literally a cast of thousands, really enjoying what they're doing and having a high old time of it in Dublin. The first time I listened to the CD in my car, it was almost enough to reduce me to tears, no good thing on the Pacific Highway at speed!

It's one of those albums that you listen to again and again and again and never fail to be enlivened. Each song is a real toe-tapper as well as a tour-de-force of musicality. Try it.... you'll like it! I guarantee it, especially if you enjoy ragtime jazz and that big-band sound with plenty of horns. Even if you're not a Springsteen fan, as I wasn't particularly, you will come to love The Boss by the time you've heard the entire concert. Every note perfect, his wife Patti Scialfa is a creditable addition and a great foil to Springsteen himself, as are The Sessionettes. This is like no other Springsteen work, discernably Irish folk-sounding, it's a brilliant collection. I hope you enjoy "Live in Dublin: Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band" as much as I have!