Daughter loves "Jungleland" (live) | Reviewer: Tony | 3/2/12

I'm a England based "Boss" fan have even seen him at the "Stone Pony" Asbury Park,NJ.Only concerts missed 2 Acoustic's at Royal Albert Hall. At Hard Rock calling Hyde Park 2009,got tickets booked for 14th July Hyde Park 2012. I've copied the "Jungleland"
& "Born To Run" lyrics which I'll Print out for My Daughter as She'll fying out to help in a US summer camp which'll help towards current University studies. These Bruce lyrics are for her to think of While I'm watching him live on 14 July when she's stateside as She loves singing along to both in the car..........!

One of the greatest songs I've ever heard | Reviewer: N.O.L | 10/6/10

A real masterpiece, the perfect ending for what I think ist Springsteen's best album, maybe side by side with "Darkness". But this song is one of his best, and one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's rockin', it has the feeling, it's bombastic and it's a whistful ballad. Also the lyrics are fantastic. What more do you want?

Pure rock ballad | Reviewer: Chuck C. | 9/25/07

What a true rock ballad is supposed to sound like. And the sax solo 2/3's of the way through is something from heaven itself...untouchable. A song that is defining when this man's career is studied. Not as well known as the "hits", but the true fans know. This is the one...if you are special...you get to hear him play only once in awhile anymore. A true masterpiece.