Best version ever | Reviewer: Mary C | 10/31/13

Bruce Springsteen takes this song and gives it a whole life of its own. The audience reaction on the live version, singing to a home crowd is wonderful.
Love it, love it so much, been listening to it for years and it never fails to please.
Bruce is a grand master, wish this was on his greatest hits album, it would complete a marvellous set.

Memories | Reviewer: Steve | 3/22/13

I went to La Salle University in the late 80's. Goin down the shore was what we did in the summer. This song kills me from start to finish. Tears, memories, perfectly captures those times. Thanks Bruce.


This song inspired me.i heard it on the end of the movie jersey girl and i dont know how but for the past 5 days after that movie iv been play the song all right through.this song is not even about life but when i listen to it i think about my brings peace among me and my life.

WREIOLE, Stephane; family stories from the grave, need confirmation | Reviewer: Stephanie Wreiole | 5/9/11

Jersey Girl, my Uncle Anthony left me a letter that the lyrics were from him about my me and mom. Never knew the lyrics just went over on Google and can't believe the similarities. Maybe he wasn't b.s.'ing me. Sorry always a rap fan til now. Have a letter for you. Sincerely, Dr.S. Wreiole

Jersey | Reviewer: NY Boy | 9/24/09

I've known some Jersey girls in my day & hearing this song makes me think about them every time. I don't know what album it was on & only heard it once or twice on the radio back in the day. But I knew I had to have it and after some digging, I have the live version off one of the concert albums. It's a top 25 in my iPhone.

What a song! | Reviewer: Dharmacate | 6/23/09

I'm just back from a trip down the shore - Long Branch, Red Bank, Little Silver, Deal, Ocean Grove, Seabright and Asbury Park. While it isn't the place of the 60s and 70s carousels and Madame Marie, it still holds the charm and this song fills me with the memories of how it was . . . Could almost hear it echoing at the Convention Hall and The Stone Pony . . .