Reviews for In Freehold Lyrics

------Performed by Bruce Springsteen | 09/04/2005 12:00:00 PM

great song

It's a song Springsteen plays at the end of a gig in his hometown, Freehold. He never played the song before, and he will never play it again. The song itself is not great, just Springsteen and his guitar. In the middle he doesn't know the words, it sounds like he is searching for a paper with the lyrics on it. But it's a song right out of his heart. This is a special song. He sings about the good and the bad, and the ugly of his hometown. Really a special song. How the Great Bruce was once a young kid, with his first kiss, his first beer, his first masturbation.

Thanks to Gerrit de Boer for submitting the review.