Excellent ..........Truly love this song | Reviewer: Bobby James | 4/1/12

This is probably one of my Favorite songs ever written.

Thanks to Bruce Springsteen for dealing straight from the Heart! Absolutely a loveable , Wonderful simple song that sure hits home at my heart and I can't say more!

Thanks Bruce,

Bobby James................

depiction of the soul of love and marriage | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/11

This is not too sad to play at a funeral. I have planned to use it at ours for some time now. Great depiction of the journey lovers take as man and wife and the struggles they will endure but yet survive. Bruce has kept true to his style of carefully chosen lyrics that represent the sanctity of marriage and dedication for each other.

I am thinking of having this song played at my funeral. | Reviewer: PaulUK | 2/19/11

We all make mistakes, and stray from the right path at some time,"each lover's steps fall so differently".I want my wife and family to know I did fall behind, metaphorically speaking, but ask them to wait for me (i.e forgive me ).Is it too sad for a funeral song ? maybe ?

long lasting marriage | Reviewer: Donna | 7/20/09

We'll be married for almost 16 years, and my husband and I have been through the early death of my parents, cancer, miscarriages, job loss and financial ruin, and still we remain togther - in love - with three beautiful children, careers rebuilt...finances on the mend. As usual Springsteen captures the heart and soul of the issue - fairytales and childhood fantasies are not what long lasting marriages are about. The happy-ever-after message in children's stories are nice but this song tells of the true message of what people need to believe in when they say their vows. Even without struggles, two people can go through different phases and each must respect each other's journey. Thank you Bruce!

Our Song | Reviewer: Steven | 12/6/08

this song delivered my love's heart to me... she was going through a messy divorce from an abusive husband. as a long time friend of hers, i came to her side and professed my love for her... told her i would be there for her... nothing would convince her that i would support her, her children and our longtime friendship could spring into a love story until i sent her the lyrics of this song... i now have a new love and Bruce has a new fan...

Lump in my throat | Reviewer: MaryLou | 6/11/07

This song is so beautiful and romantic,how can anyone in love not be touched by it's words of love and devotion? I watched Bruce and Patty perform this on thier Dublin concert on DVD and it is plain to see they are very much in LOVE.Also
in my opinion Patty is the best thing that ever happened to Bruce.All the best to them,MaryLou

pure quality | Reviewer: paul | 5/19/07

A song that proves Springsteen can write love songs as good as anyone.