Canal Song left out in Syracuse | Reviewer: Harry Ginty | 10/27/12

Am I the only one noticing if you attended the Vernon Downs concert outside of Syracuse 9'12 practically on the canal in the Wrecking Ball Tour, Buce overlooked a chance to bring the song home?The only thing worse might have been to play the song in Lockport on the locks and leave out the verse on Mike McGinty getting kicked by Sal to the bottom of the canal, or am I personalizing this shit. Ha Ha

The actual Erie Canal | Reviewer: Elodea | 11/30/08

Many years ago, I was a pilot on the Goodyear blimp. We were going from Watkins Glen, NY to Syracuse, NY. It was a beautiful day and we were navigating visually. It suddenly dawned on me that we were flying along the route of the Erie Canal. Like every kid in elementary school, I knew the song, but had no idea the canal was still in operation.

A few years ago, I participated in a demonstration trip for the New York State Canal Authority. I ran my electric launch the full length of the canal, from Buffalo to Troy, NY. It was an incredible trip! The canal used to be "the interstate highway" of the 1800's and all of the older towns built their "good side" facing the canal. They all have modern marine facilities catering to pleasure boats. The eastern half of the canal is steeped in revolutionary war history and it's hard to travel more than a couple of miles without passing a historic marker or a National historic landmark you can visit.

I highly recommend taking your own boat or one of the many canal boat rentals and planning a summer vacation on the Erie Canal. The locks are beautifully maintained and some of the highest lifts in the world. Visit the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, NY, located in the only surviving weigh-lock building on the canal (it's where the tolls were determined by weighing the entire boat.) Bring the kids; they'll learns history first hand! (Be sure and carry the Springsteen version of the song with you, you'll be surprised how little some things, on the canal, have changed.)

In Rembrance of Jason (Bruce's number 1 fan!) | Reviewer: Sara | 11/29/08

As a Springsteen 'virgin', I saw Bruce and the Seeger Sessions play in London 2007 along with my hubby and our darling friend Jason (Bruce's no 1 fan). Jason (34) is tragically no longer with us after suffering with pancreatic cancer, but I will never ever ever forget the amazing night we had, and was left humming this and other tracks for weeks afterwards!!!

I love this song! | Reviewer: Amy | 2/28/08

Ever since I heard this song in my US History class I realized that this is a great song. This is a great song to listen to if you are learning about the Erie Canal in school or you are teaching your students about the Erie Canal. Students-Listen to this song if you are learning about the Erie Canal in school and teachers-If you are teaching your students about the Erie Canal thin have them listen to this song. It is pure Springsteen genus!

I love this song - only just heard it. The tune a timeless masterpiece... | Reviewer: Fitz | 6/24/06

I love canals too. I only logged on here to read the lyrics. This new Springsteen Seeger stuff is sheer f***ing genius. The Boss has remoulded Americana in his own image, with trad jazz, gospel, gypsy and blues nestling alongside folk with a great fat blast of having fun! Sounds new and *real* to me - a way of taking music forward without forgetting the past, or the beer.

Bruce's fiddle players and horn section are a joy to my tired ears, as is the man's unbelievable, heartfelt way of singing.

Note to James Blunt: Yes I'm beautiful. I knew that already, so please go away and think about early retirement...