Reviews for Cross My Heart Lyrics

------Performed by Bruce Springsteen | 09/28/2007 12:00:00 PM

Excellent All of them.

I am a bit older than you are. My mother died in February a year ago. In the mean time actually may years ago, by brother Chris was beaten into a coma and now lives in a place called Manor Care in Bethesa MD. She would not allow Danny, my younger brother and I to search for him for legal reasons. We all thought he was dead for many years. It took a year to the month she died, but we found him. He is 47 an has severe dementia. He was in a coma for a year and was kicked by three people with steel toed boots. Not really unlikely since he was of the same sort. I asked for a few of his tapes - what a time ago that was, it seems, and it was the grace of God that I took two of yours. Back in those days I was listining to Journey, the Eagles an who knows who else; however your tapes - they mean a lot to me and keep me up when I'm feeling down. It is amazing how we do not appreciate things at the time that they happen. The tapes have gotten me through a very, very difficult time. You've done, for at least one insignificant person, something in the world. One thing you learn is not to cross your heart unless it is permanent - you know "cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye..."essentially, that's easier said than done. We can't predict the future any more than we can actually mean it. Same with "Gloria's Eyes.:" Also, the edge gives me a courage and a confidence that you could never to begin to understand. There are many other good songs on those tapes, and as soon as I get back on my bipolar feet, I'll get the CDs. With complete sincerity, Tracye deLane Miloev. Nashville, Tennessee,

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