Poopy butthole | Reviewer: butt soup | 3/8/13

theres a poopy butthole in my bag i took it OUT AND I SAID I WANT TO........EAT IT THATS NOT REALLY TRUE BUTT................ ITS REALLY WEIRD RIGHT HUH now its now its really go it has........ a butt .... hips ....and....... pee.........And Are you ready salamader poop ......................but you dont know how good it is cus it has stuff you want try it at a&w

No go away now | Reviewer: Sasha Scholz | 3/8/13

That first night i liked you were in love with a diffrent girl I WAS SO MAD at You. cuz i REALLY REALLy liked you you came over that day and asked me to play and i said... NO go away now i hate you for the rest of my life you were hangging around with a nother girl but.. no you want be . NO go away now.

go again | Reviewer: gabrela shipley | 3/8/13

you yyyou do it go again. Stop im not goin i go to go go go stop go again. Im not goin ggo ggoin go away from me for the rest of the day cuz i hate you you just got a stop. Dont ddo it cuz stop. ggggoooo aaagain

gave it up | Reviewer: Sasha And Gabrela | 3/8/13

i was there all day you din't come till the next day i felt mad again you din't try you gave up i felt MAD AT You you dont try you gave up you cant try But ... you are the weakest in your family you got a problem because you.... gggave it up im so MAD BECAUSE YOU GAVE IT UUUUPPPPP you need to stop that gave it up you just gave it like all ways stop trune around now gettin sick of you again because you were making me so mad CUZ you gave it up you are so stupid but you just gave it up gave it up yha gave it up