-- | Reviewer: olsonUSMC | 10/17/14

Your all trying way too hard to figure this out. This song is about whatever you want it to be. I personally believe he's just telling a general story of your typical Vietnam war vet and the struggles through their life.

Draft dodger | Reviewer: Bruce-hater | 6/1/14

Bruce was more or less a draft dodger. Although he went to his induction, he had made up his mind that he was not going to Vietnam and acted crazy to get out of going. So to say he's singing about his life leading up to and after Vietnam, is an ignorant comment in itself.

Wrong | Reviewer: nuffy | 6/13/13

The song is not for the USA . The song is against the USA. He is saying what happens when your born in this country. In the song he says went and saw my VA man and he's says son don't you understand

Dalton | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/11

hahaha you idiot, you actually were right about the part when you said it was made to show about the veterans and when they came back to the states, but everything else is WRONG(understand why its capitalized?) this is not a patriotic song
he states that when he got back he couldnt get his job back and the V.A. wouldnt help him
so shut up and stop making uneducated comments

It's about him. | Reviewer: Robert | 5/28/10

This is not a patriotic song. It's about himself and what he went through from birth to the song when it was first produced. Like "I had a brother at Khe Sahn" not everyone had a brother in Vietnam or Khe Sahn for that matter. My dad was in the military for 20 years. Airforce E8 (Senior Master Seargent.) And this didn't happen. Don't be ignorant Kreper and learn before you post stupid comments. Just because you have an ignorant comment DOES NOT make you right. Ever heard the quote: "It's better to be thought as a fool then open your mouth and remove all doubt." Whoever is reading this is probably and hopefully with me. Bruce went through Vietnam. It all adds up stupid. I hope I made my point.

it is all rong | Reviewer: Dj Kreper | 3/26/10

the whole song is rong and it is stupid you guys ned to stop letting the people mess around with this song it is a patriotic song that was to show how the veterans from veitnam were treated when the returned to the states so get the lyrics right and leave them like that and stop letting people ruinnig the song so nock it the fuck off