Better Version | Reviewer: Christopher | 5/29/2008

I think Springsteen's version of Blinded By the Light is the best. This might be the first version that I heard, but I think it's better for other reasons. I like Springsteen's version because he wrote it about his experiences and people that he came across in Asbury Park. Listening to the song I get the feeling of where the song is coming from and I like the feel to it. I could almost picture myself there listening to Springsteen and the band. I also like how Springsteen says "cut loose like a deuce," in the song, rather than "revved up like a deuce," in the Manfred Mann version. Don't get me wrong, Manfred Mann's version is good. It is different and the most popular. But I prefer Bruce Springsteen's.

what??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/2007

From reading these comments I dont think any1 has heard Bruce Springsteen's version of this song. He sings it nothing like it's ever been sung, and the lyrics are significantly different, esp in the 2nd half of the song. He never sings a line with deuce or douche wrapped up in anything.

Douche or Duece? Springsteen or Other? | Reviewer: Cal | 7/21/2007

Like daniel said steve miller band and blue oyster cult are great but they just dont make it great. and i always thought it was douche so i looked and it is cut loose like a duece another runner in the night. thanks

difference in opinion | Reviewer: Daniel | 5/22/2006

Steve Miller Band takes away from the real meaning of this song and they need to play the originals more. Great song.

finally | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/2006

the manfred man version of this (that is always on the classic rock station) does this song no justice at all.this original springsteen version is by far the best, and it is also the version that van morrison plays when he covers it live.

Also confused | Reviewer: Amanda | 2/12/2006

I totally thought that it said wrapped up like a douche I had to find out if thats what it really said and I see that it doesn't. Even though its a lot funnier thinking it says wrapped up like a douche.

so glad to finally know what this says | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/2005

For years I was sure that this song was not talking about a douche, but it sure sounded like it. Now I know it's duece and not douche! Thanks!