a ballad pianist goes dark sidde | Reviewer: j ham | 4/13/13

Thanks to hung for giving me a way to vent aside from listening to and writing wussy piano ballads. He spits tough scary shit..but seems honest and whole hearted. Amazing production and winding unique flow. In fact often using piano sounds in his mix...I just have to give him much credit as a true artist. He toughened me up a bit. Keep it strange.

Rampage | Reviewer: devil | 12/11/12

Threaten to pop caps but you feel safe cause you aint walkin through the hood. Bullets don't see color nigga. You best do whats right for your son and daughter and stay rappin in Portland. Stay the fuck outta the town.Rampage! niggggga. How do yall afford bullets anyway? Whats the difference from a nigga and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.

Brotha lynch is dope as fuck | Reviewer: Jesse McClure | 7/11/12

this guy is fucking dope he is a real MC. Every thing he raps is true and he went to jail for killing his wife and the cops found him eating his wifes liver. this nigga is hard he has no problem killing anyone. peace

season of the sickness | Reviewer: barbiiegiirl | 6/30/12

I love bro lynch flows n lyrics there so siick wittit fuck the haters on him everyone has a different style n lynch is too gee to rate e for everyone only those true to understand like his raps the niggas real love how he talks more about poppin caps n all the g street shit then fucking every stripper n nasty hoe bitches in the world like the typical rappers all do , this fools hood n I'm a woman who bumps thiis hehe my hubby laughs cause I'm the one with all his songs downloaded on my phone ! Lynch u the ma fuckiin shiit man stay up!

underground legend | Reviewer: brian banegas | 12/12/11

this is one of the most disturbing and influential underground rappers. His music is disturbing and yet it speaks on a primal level for certain people who like violence. His lyrics are mostly about cannabalism,killing, and basically everything horrorcore should be about.

THe sickest ever | Reviewer: Nunya | 6/28/11

Brother Lynch is the reason there are so many sychos but what would this world be with out these gangster rappers like Lynch..No one can compare themselfs to Lynch..if the Garden Blocc had anything good come out of it its this nigga Brother Lynch Hung. His lyrics are Dope and Original but what can u expext when ur from Sac.. U only get the best out here boy

Learn to Spell | Reviewer: Grammar Police | 5/8/10

The writer of this article is ignorant. The people who commented on this artice are ignorant and "syko active nigga" is the definition of pussy. Who the fuck calls out EVERYONE for no reason at all and then threatens to be "lookkin" everyday for someone to holla at him right where he said to? Dude, shoot yourself. You're a waste.

brotha lynch x strange music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

cant wait for dinner and a movie! someone told me brotha lynch was in jail. is this true? what did he do? and does anyone know where he's locked up at? e- mail me at brodskeet9@yahoo.com please i wanna know.

The Gorilla room | Reviewer: Mario Armstead | 2/8/10

Im a jazz pianist that raps and I fell in love with the way lynch phases his lyrics. Believe it or not he's spittin jazz over rap tracks. And if him and eminem ever rap together it's a rap for the hard core rap industry. He is the penical of the 90's rap era and he's still alive. I hope I get a chance to meet him while he's still on earth to bless us with his talents. He is rap music. He is pure. It's sick but it's real and he's the realist.Halla at your boy @ coreyarmstead915@yahoo.com

a syko active nigga wit a motha fukin trigga | Reviewer: syko active | 7/25/07

hell yeah brothalynch is the best rapper he got me starting up my own lyrics called the virus of reveng fuck anybody who thinks other wise gota problem holla at me right here i be lookking everyday........... fukin pusssy ass niggas
fucc peace

locc to da brain | Reviewer: camron dorris | 2/26/05

this is a hard ass rapper aditive in my case he is one of tha best rappers in the world he is a sick lyric writer put him up to anbody and he will rip them