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Performed by Britney Spears

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Sometimes | Reviewer: Miss Fall in Love | 9/25/13

days ago my friend shuffle this song in the office. it brought me back to the 90s. well when I read the lyric, it apparently describes the same situation in my life. lol. yeah somebody I met a month ago is so intense interacting with me. he's my friend's neighbor and workmate. he gave me signal that he interested in me but I'm unsure whether he's the right man for me or not. We just met a month ago and it can't be this fast. I need to know him more but I'm not ready to lose him if I reject him. I just need time.

I feel giddy | Reviewer: Genie | 9/17/12

for the umpteenth time i have fallen in love and failed---miserably. either the guy doesn't want me or i really suck in being romantic but hearng this song all over make me come out eventually in each fall unscathed.

I love Britney and this song! | Reviewer: quynh_hana | 1/17/12

If you love me, trust in me
The way that I trust in you...
I could not describe the emotion that I can feel when I listen to this song. Love love so much its music, its lyrics and especially your voice Britney! Love you!

i know its cheasey | Reviewer: maira | 2/16/09

but umm i realy listen to this song when i need relationship assistance cuz im one of those people that is afraid to open up cuz im scared of gettin hurt so i realy just want you to move slow cuz i want to get to know you:>:):p:b

ps:i do love britney spears i mean everybody makes mistakes and the mistakes she made truly werent her fault they were the fault of her careless self lovin parents but no ones perfect!?!?!?!?!?!??!!

This song heals.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/08

Thursday 23rd October 2008 4.18pm GMT I told her all I want to do was hold her tight and treat her right... this is now my second christmas without her and my 21st without no one to hold... Merry Christmas all and you...

Wow | Reviewer: yourName | 11/16/08

I'm kind of in a relationship right now, and it's nog going very well right now.. this song tells exactly how i have it with this boy.. I care a lot of him, and i eant lose him.. but it's just so hard for me.. i hope he will be mine..<33??

wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/08

its so good to listen to this song now that i can relate to it. its exactly how i feel towards that guy i know. he wants to me with me and i believe i want it too but im not ready. im so scared and unsure. and its so hard cause i dont wanna lose him!

Britney Always the BEST!!!! | Reviewer: NaNak | 2/15/08

britney will always be the best singer ever!!!!!! what ever happen to britney i will always be her biggest fan...
i hope that britney can come back and prove evry1 that she can be the pop princess again!!

I LOVE BRITHNEY | Reviewer: Ayu | 10/29/07

I love so much your songs, when i was done, fell lonely i always turn on your songs and sometimes i dance with your music and i am sing like yours hahahhahaha. keep strong brithney...
No one is perfect in this earth.....but ur music make everybodys happy.....pls make new album for us.....all the best for u

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Problems | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

This song has caused problems for men everywhere. dont hold back ladies. we want you too.. just stop

The best thing | Reviewer: Britney Anderson | 8/29/07

The first thing when i heard it I wanted the lyrics because its great... I love you Britney and love you no matter what the news says about you. I will always be there to support you and cheer for you. I love you Britney...

you know | Reviewer: quynh | 6/29/07

I love this song
the girl in this song is similar to me

i will alwaiyze love you | Reviewer: stephaniel.m.lovesjonathanp.g. | 6/13/07

i love this song almost as much as i love jonathan peter garrido

Britney lo máximo | Reviewer: Mari | 6/3/07

I love Britney, she can has her mistakes like everybody has, but her songs and lyric made us happy many times...
I love you Britneyyyyy you are and you'll be the Only Pop Princess for forever :D

what a brill | Reviewer: emma | 5/4/07

i love this song it reminds me of my boy friend im shy to talk to him lol even tho i love him

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