OMG,, | Reviewer: Ell | 12/28/12

I never thought britney would writ a song with I love the song it's one of the best songs out yet people if u wanna complain it doesn't hurt any1 but yourself! Please cum and perform in Newcastle I luv u guys so much x

I am from Syria | Reviewer: Shadi | 12/27/12

I love this song and i love sexy girls . But guys listen carefully to what i am going to tell . Syria suffers from terrorist islamic groups killing raping slaughtering every man and woman who doesn't follow islamic religeon . Only Bashar al assad and his army are defending us . Please help us eliminate these islamic extremists . Free christian who loves Bashar and his army. Sorry for bothering .

I love this song! | Reviewer: Shohada | 12/24/12

Hello! This song is amazing i always sing along to it. I wish and Britney would write more songs together! They sound great! Oh please please pleas!? Anyways go to England, Newcastle, Gosfarth, Gosfarth Central Middle School and i`m in year seven. Give me a autograph or picture please and Britney? I know its never going to happen but its worth a try. I will love you so much if you come. I already love you that's why i`m doing this! xxx

THIS-SONG! | Reviewer: TSmurf | 12/21/12

This song is catchy and good, if you dont like the song then why research it, liten to it or even write about it. Everyone likes different types in music and everyone should repect that! But this song is amazing and just plain perfect in my eyes. (:

Stop Hating | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/12

Guys stop hating like why are you here if you don't like this song and their is a clean version on YouTube gosh if you don't like it that's ok their are other songs in the world

! | Reviewer: abby cameron | 12/15/12

you know what stop hating this is a song tht will and britney have obviously decided is good and i think its a good song to and im sure a lot of people out there do as well so just shut up and go write something bad about it on a hater website not a review page!

Clearing Up Previous Review/Disappointed | Reviewer: LoveLikeWhitney | 12/14/12

to ArticKing, they're not calling Britney a bitch. She goes "It's Britney, bitch." I'm all with you on the Illuminati thing, but that is calling the listener a bitch, not Britney herself.

On that note *and I know it is going to sound incredibly hypocritial since I just swore to explain that last point*

I am SEVERELY disappointed in the unnecessary swearing in this song. I heard it on the radio, I LOVE the song, was so excited. Found out it swore. I can't find a radio edit to save my life. I'm very upset about it because I dont' really care to hear a british chick sing repeatedly about how I'm going to "turn this s*** up" when I walk in the club...-_-" WHY?!?!?

I.LOVE.THIS.SONG!!! | Reviewer: I.LOVE.THIS.SONG!! | 12/7/12

This song is totes amaze, you don't like it? Cool just say you don't like it, no need to carry on with meanlingless words. This song is awesome & I love it, got into it sraight away. People are only saying they don't like it because of her past. FORGIVE & FORGET YOU HEARTLESS FOOL!! I'm sure we'd all like a second chance.. AMAZING SONG BRITNEY & WILL>I>AM!! Will play as long as I'm liking:))

This is a good song | Reviewer: ... | 12/5/12

To all you haters out there this song is good and catchy just to listen to and i'd to see you right and sing a song i bet you can't sing for crap!! So don't go around hating on people and being rude just because you're jealous that they're more talented than you!!

Thanks :)

Britney singing???? good joke | Reviewer: ArcticKing | 12/4/12

I ask myself why is Brit in the video,... she is singing I wanna scream and shout and let it all out
And scream and shout and let it out

and tht is all,... the other voice is from a british girl (akzent). I tell you why Britney is there,... 1 . Decoration 2 .Marketing

And did you realize "Britney Bitch" this is something she has to say over a decade. She tried to escape from her mind control programming when she shaved her head, talking about demons who are controlling her, having this wired times years ago etc. Now she is back but she has to pay for not blind following the illuminati AND QUESTIONING what is going around in the industry. Now they call her bitch and she has to sell her again...


Please stop writing music. Its shit. I will have to be so drunk before this sounds remotely good, and unfortunatly will be played far too many times on my lame ass radio station.