Dude its aaaa song its for cheering you up man it dosent need to make sense.
Thats the reason its called a song when you sad you listen to songs like this to cheer you up or when you happy its good to hear songs to cheer up.
LOL your stupider than the song :P

AMAZING SONG | Reviewer: euroslam | 3/3/13

Its really the best dancing song fot the end of last year 2012 especially for those who like clubbing it would make ur body rotates and spins ur minds i really find it the best thanks britney and MR will i-am my greetings from EGYPT

AMAZING SONG | Reviewer: euroslam | 3/3/13

Its really the best dancing song fot the end of last year 2012 especially for those who like clubbing it would make ur body rotates and spins ur minds i really find it the best thanks britney and MR will i-am

ILLUMINATI | Reviewer: THE TRUTH | 3/2/13

Haven't anyone ever noticed that this song is hypnotizing? Yeah, I get it is a club song, but seriously look into the music video. It has Satanic symbols in it, and I am not an extremist or anything, but this song is clearly Illuminati. It seems like Britney was enslaved by Illuminati... I can't believe little kids listen to this shit music and enjoy it. Seriously guys, its the New World Order.
Either way, even if this music is not Illuminati, this song is terrible. It has no meaning into it and clearly retarded with no intelligence was put into it. It seems like it was written by drop-out thugs who had nothing else better to do but to hammer nails into our ears.
Dammit guys, I can't believe you enjoy this truck load of crap.

I like this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/13

Y'know, I don't really get why everyone's getting so excited about this song. I like it! I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It's fun and it makes me want to start boogeying. It's dance music people! Meaning it doesn't have to have a meaning. But it serves its purpose well. Put on this song and I promise you, there is no way I will be able to sit still.
It works out well because if you don't like the swearing (which I don't), just listen to the clean version or the radio edit. Simples!

Honestly! | Reviewer: JayMan | 2/22/13

Hey people, don't be hatin' on shit you know nothing about. This is a CLUB SONG, and that means DANCE, dumbasses! It doesn't need to have earth-shattering lyrics, or complex layers of interweaving harmony and melody. The lyrics are upbeat, the song HAS a cool vibe, and it's great fun to get down to. QUIT trying to OVER-COMPLICATE everything, fer chrissakes!! Just accept it at face value and QUITYERBITCHIN!!

Turn this *hit down, Turn this *hit down! | Reviewer: Ferby<3 | 2/19/13

Okay, so this song is really good, but these to artist used WAY TOO MUCH auto-tune. I know auto-tune is in but there is a fine line between the lions. I love many people with auto-tune FUN, Ke$ha, SelGomez but this is some crazy as* bull*hit. I couldn't even tell it was Britney. Speaking of Britney, why did she have to use her 1990's slogan? BritneyBit**??? Wow, Chris Crocker will hate me for this but Britney things she's 17, but she's 33. Leave your music garbaga, autotune whatever. The language is terrible too. This song is *okay but just chill Brit & Wil. Make more future songs though.

**hesitated okay about 2.5 stars

two words... | Reviewer: capt. America | 2/18/13

Ok so maybe you should try and IGNORE IT! Like honestly, whoever has children, if he/she is crying over something silly, you would IGNORE THEM after a while. So wait omg... I just had a great idea, try ignoring the song if its that annoying to you. Oh ya, also there is a clean version of this song. And just so you know, selena, the clean version is the type they play on the radio, so no, three year old kids will not be like Oh shit! And just a heads up to Anne, if you were such a "big fan" you would know he is called Will.I.Am not wiliam! Just sayin'! :P
And I'm just curious, if you haters hate this song so much, why would you be on a website with it's lyrics? Just askin'. *-*

erotic tales make u have and erect cock or clit | Reviewer: cunty | 2/17/13

I took out the double dildo and got into the doggy style postition. I put the the dildo into my cunt and I moaned as it hit my gspot. Emily got in the doggy style posistion and came toward me backwards and inserted her side into her wet juicy cunt. Moans and screams filled the air and we pushed the dildo all the way in and our ass were pushed against each other. I pinched my sensitive tits and moaned " ahh fuck" . I got a vibrator out and rubbed it against me and emilys clit and I swear my clit twitched and got bigger. The sensation was building up until " oh yeah" the white creamy juice just came oozing out and a the orgasm built all the way around me. I took the dildo out and the dildo was covered in our juices. Best night ever

I get so bored when this songs on | Reviewer: Anne | 2/15/13

I am a fan of both Britney and William but this really
Is the worst song they've done, I know that both artist are very capable of writing better lyrics this song kinda says to me that they couldn't be bothered,
It makes no sence at all, and to be honest it's boring, I hate when it comes on
As I feel disappointed in both Britney and William,
William wrote so much better songs in his early black eyed pea days, meaning full and a lot of fun, now his songs just have no soul to them ,they feel all the same,
And Britney she is an amazing artist and without a doubt can write better songs then this, I'm disappointed in her the most as I grow up listening to her and even have a singing doll of her in her hit me baby one more time days,
Come on Britney and William your better than this song we both know it,
Write your lyrics the way you always did xx


this song is retarded nonsense,
whyy is this kind of shit song always at number one keeping off a `real band` because the record company pays $$$ to online markets, how many downloads from dumfuck tweenies and teenies, their parents are even bigger dumfucks for allowing them the ability to put this in their brain,
seriously anyone who thinks this is music has a smaller IQ than a bluetit

Come on Britney! | Reviewer: Selena | 2/15/13

Britney is amazing I'm a very big fan of hers but this song!! What was she thinking!! No offence Britney. Will.i.am and britney go well togerther with music. The music is good but the swearing is not cool what if three year old kids hear this they will be like shit!

Best Song EEVA!!! | Reviewer: capt. America | 2/14/13

I love love love this song! It got like so popular over the radio. Everyone at my school is singing it. And its like such a funky song with such a dance-a-ble beat, honestly I can NOT see how you haters don't feel anything for this song. Like truthfully this BEATS PSY'S GANGNAM STYLE ANY day. Just a bit of advice for people who don't like this song, don't go to any night clubs, cause I can guarantee you'll hear this song (screa & shout) or songs similar. Think for a moment. Like how many reviews are there from people who don't like scream & shout, and how many who LIKE it. Do the math... I don't know 'bout you but I got a lot more people like it as my answer! Trust me I don't really like change at all, but this is the best song eeeva!!
P.S. this is coming from a 12 year old.
P.P.S HAPPY VALENTINES/ V-DAY/ HEARTS DAY (even though it has nothing to do with the topic).

Will.i.am. And Britney bitch | Reviewer: Brittney Shapin | 2/12/13

I love this song(: it gets me pumped up for when I have a basketball game(: I love to just jump around and sing it. Haha you are now rocking with will.i.am and Britney bitch(: lets turn this shit up

No ITS NOT | Reviewer: Emily | 2/13/13

This song is NOT bye Britney Spears. It is by WILL.I.AM featuring Britney Spears. lYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)