oh my gash | Reviewer: sandra liusija | 10/13/07

britney what had hapend to you ...
i think you was a realy good singer , but now just look at you.i wish you good luck and also i want to think that someday you will back and be a fasinaithing pop star

Britney is the BEST!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Catt | 10/14/07

Britney Spears is my favourite singer since the age of 3! I'm 12 now n i wanna say that she duz
not deserve all this unfair criticism and media hype. So wat bout wat shes doin? Kevin is the major nut who caused tis hole thing!!!! Y did they even give Sean Preston n Jaden James 2 him?
He left even his other kidz 4 another woman!!!!
Her songs fr Baby 1 more time to Ooops to Im a Slave 4 U to Toxic to My Prerogative to Someday to Gimme More are so great! Britney if u read tis,hang on!Acomeback is watz comin up. U DA BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya!Dont bother bout wat pple say, u know ur great!!!!!!

I LOVE BRITNEY | Reviewer: jac thomas | 10/12/07

i have always loved britney regardless of whatever people say about her or whatever she does.Britney will always have a special place in my heart.

britney is awesome | Reviewer: natashia | 10/4/07

i think britney is the best singer ever. i listen to her music all the time. i dont care what ppl say about her. shes the best.

love your music britney
your my idol

i love your music | Reviewer: babii_girl_theresa | 9/29/07

hey brit, i just turned 16 and i understand a bit of what you are going through my sons dad left us and i have to raise him on my own it's hard but i believe you can do it if i can and i am only 16..................good luck in everything you do
signed with love

I Luv U Brit ! | Reviewer: Matthew | 9/20/07

Hey,Birtney is a great mother I think!
She does a lot of things 4 her children!
Lots of people in China think Ur a Bitch,because the stupid news..But i think that's not the truth.
in the other hand,Lots of chinese fans still love U!!just like me!
ha-ha~ I luv your new songs "Gimme more"!
Hope you can have a good time!
hope your babies will be happpy too.

Fuck that | Reviewer: kenseth | 9/14/07

Britney Spears is amzing

All those haters need to back off, she gone though soo much, she working on a comeback and everyone just needs to lay off

you suck | Reviewer: ghghg | 9/12/07

lose the weight from the kids.. get in shape.. TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR KIDS... grow up.... and get your mind right trust me its not that hard am doing that right now.... and i have kids.. 2 actually.. i lost my baby fat and i got in shape and i did tha on my own i dotn have the money like you do.. i will admit you have some good songs... and some good videos.. you i havent really likeed you since you went slutty.. which i dont like a lot of singers for that same reason.. so its not just that i am trashing on you ( which you dont even read these things so it dont matter what the hell i say cause you will never know..)i am trashing on who you became.... and i would hate to have my kids see you on stage now. and your new sone give me more is way down hill... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU!?!?!?!?!

Gimme More | Reviewer: James | 9/1/07

I am listening to Britney's brand new song - RIGHT NOW!!

It's AMAZING! All the haters will be shocked when they hear how fabulous it is.

Yay Britney! x

Top singer | Reviewer: paradesi | 7/20/07

i like her songs with video albums much like her from india. many songs will release her future like very much thank u

Hi Britney!!!!! | Reviewer: Catherine D. Benemerito | 7/9/07

love your songs ....specially the "TOXIC"
my name is catherine d. benemerito
my country is philippines at cebu lapu-lapu city.......bf beter living basak sudtonggan
i hope you have a concert here at philippines....hehehe!!!!!!that will never happend joke only......im a girl 8 years old grade 3

if you have yahoo messenger add my e-mail kathleen19992001@yahoo.com so we can be friends..........byeeeeeee.. love you see you soon...

soo many starsss... | Reviewer: Jac | 6/20/07

BRITNEY SPEARS I like u verry much,and ur soo beautiful person,ur my star..good luck girl

britney'z wiked | Reviewer: Zainab | 6/16/07

i fink dat britney is nang.i luv her i dnt cre wat ppl say we al no dat shes da best cmon brtineyyyy

LOVE BRITNEY | Reviewer: Ivana | 6/5/07

Britney,you are the best! I`m hug fan of yours. I`m with you from the begin. You are still my NUMBER 1 singer and the all SERBIA is with you!!!!!!

please i need a CD OR DVD of britney songs | Reviewer: Ini | 5/21/07

please i will be gratefull if you can send me a CD OR DVD songs of britney spears .i love her songs so so so much