BAD | Reviewer: Anna | 4/20/07

All Britney is a fat, bald trashy SKANK. She always had a B/C cups ....also bad skin she never had a flat belly forever thick in the middle now its only worse.....she is just fat stupid trtailer trash and couldnt evn keep KFED come on now how low can one go? she needs a nose job too......

BAD | Reviewer: Anna | 4/20/07

All Britney is a fat, bald trashy SKANK. She always had a B/C cups ....also bad skin she never had a flat belly forever thick in the middle now its only worse.....she is just fat stupid trtailer trash and couldnt evn keep KFED come on now how low can one go? she needs a nose job too......

not that bad | Reviewer: Claudia | 2/26/07

hey hold on shes not a bad person yes she has a few flaws but shes a great performance and be4 any of u judge her look at your life first, her songs are pretty good

Who really cares? | Reviewer: Karissa | 2/25/07

Come on people, don't we have anything better to do than Bash Britney? Like come on, who cares if she is amazing, or a whore? She is doing what she wants to do, and in reality, IT'S AN ACT! She does what she does because it sells. She knows it, the industry knows it, and hopefully most people know it. Why does it concern us? Its her life, and YOUR choice is to ither to buy her music or not. No one knows her personally, so we can't judge her now can we?

SHE'S THE BEST | Reviewer: Deborah | 2/7/07


britney......keep singing | Reviewer: breeza | 5/11/06

I love her songs from the day one, she is so awesome and very beatiful person, I wanna be a singer like her. brit keep singing and do the best for you and your fans, you are so amazing girl.....

britney spears is alright | Reviewer: PASSION_POETRY | 3/13/06

i have major respect for her, even though i do not listen to her music anymore. We can definetely say she entertains us for a while. And she is not a horrible person for dressing the way she does, its not really slutty. Sorry but everyone has to change sometime. We all change. Come on think about it. Imagine when you girls were four, you were all wearing dresses [for the most part]. now some of you may be wearing super tight jeans. Really dont be so hypocritical. When i was younger i loved her music, and i respect her for still being in the music industry today. [no matter how out there she is]. no i dont listen to her music, but i still feel like she is one of the biggest pop artists out there along with avril lavigne. Besides, she loves madonna. who doesnt love madonna lol.

The Princess Of Pop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/06

I love Britney, her Music is amazing and its great to listen to, She is the Princess of Pop. People like to trash her because they have nothing better to do and there angrey that she looks amazing and they don't. Britney great and I Love Her!

Come on people | Reviewer: Kyra | 11/29/05

Just because you don't like her, doesn't mean you should go all offensive. I mean, come on, don't you have the tiniest bit of respect for things?
Don't get me wrong! I don't like her. At all. She's doing what just anyone can do: sing songs someone else wrote, the only difference is she records them. She's nothing special, musically speaking. But that doesn't make her a whore or any of the stuff some of you people say she is.

britey spears-the american dream! | Reviewer: louisa | 10/15/05

britney spears one of the most successful popular pop icon's of the 90's right up to the currnet day. having sold over 14 million copies of her first album britney now has a rate of over 60 million record sales!
making her one of the most successful teen idols.
many people say they have lost respect for her but no matter what ,they is no dening this girl has tanelt.
i am personally a fan it seems you never get borded of britney and you are just inching to see what she does next no matter what it is i am certian it will be OUTRAGEOUS! BRITNEY STYLE!!!!!!!...
go britney!!!!!

Britany Spears=No Talent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/05

Probaby one of the 1st successful female pop stars and a very well-known artist you would tend think is a hott young diva with a powerhouse voice, but Britany Spears? We could do a lot better in our spare time then listen to her crap. Not only is she average looking hick, but I'm sure the herpes on her face may morph into one giant pop-mark covering her whole head (which would make her slightly easier to look at) one day. And not only is her look sluggy (slutty-ugly) but I'd rather listen to nails against a chalkboard. Her vocal abilities are poor and annoying. She sounds the same in every song, and all her songs suck. I would have just ignored the fact she exisited until a few years ago when she resang "I Love Rock And Roll". I've heard the original, that was a classic awesome song and she destroyed it. I am pissed about that. Her talentless ass needs to get a reality check, my suggestions, wear a paper bag over your head and never open your mouth again or don't be on TV at all. She's the last thing I want to see flipping through channels.

JUST NOTHING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/05

well for me... britney is some kinda good performer and singer...
i like her a lot.... and she deserves what she takes...

britney spears | Reviewer: edita | 6/25/05

she is very good girl, l like....jos dainos nuostabios....l am from lithuania.bye

Hmmmmmm........ | Reviewer: Chaz | 6/6/05

I'm sorry, but I really didn't like her or her music from day one. She is so boring and so full of herself. Sorry Brit, u'r crap.

britney is our bag and should go home. | Reviewer: chrisliz | 5/11/05

britney is bad at life. her album is a menace to society and her dvd is a waste of film space because it was bought by paul who is also wasting space in life. i think the only good thing about britney is that she used to be hot, but now she is just fat and has acne. and pregnant. someone like her shouldn't have a child, because she can harldy even keep her self alive let alone a child. die britney die, you skanky ho!!!